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3 min read

How to Set Up Mobile Devices for Nursing Home Residents

3 min read

Katja Keinänen

During the COVID-19 pandemic, virtual ways of communicating have become a necessity for everyone, not just for people trying to cope with remote work. To date, most countries have instructed people to stay in quarantine to limit the spreading of the novel Coronavirus, which means that there is a large number of elderly people who need to be able to contact their nurses and family members remotely.

We have worked with many healthcare organizations helping them to adopt workforce mobility through Mobile Device Management (MDM). As the need for virtual communication and remote patient monitoring continues to grow due to the Coronavirus outbreak, we believe that MDM can bring some relief for nursing homes and other care facilities.

3 ways in which care facilities can immediately benefit from Mobile Device Management (MDM)

Device setups are faster and can be done remotely

When you purchase new devices, you can configure them remotely and send them directly to the end-user without having to manually configure them. By creating a business policy and deploying that to an enrolled device, you can easily determine which settings, apps, and restrictions should be installed. To save some extra time and effort, you can easily deploy the same business policy to every device.

Apps can be installed to devices remotely

In situations where care facility residents cannot meet with their family members face to face, digital ways of communicating become important. With MDM, you can easily make sure that all mobile devices have essential applications installed by deploying apps remotely.

Remote management ensures the safe use of devices

When devices have been enrolled in an MDM software, you can ensure the safe use of devices by managing device settings and restrictions remotely. And in case a device gets lost, you can track, lock, and wipe it from the same portal. Moreover, you can access real-time data on each device and its security status.

How to set up mobile devices with Miradore MDM

We've compiled a list of useful Miradore features for managing and configuring devices remotely to help care facilities and their residents, or home health aides and their patients, to use mobile devices with ease.

1. Enroll devices

When you purchase new devices, they need to be first enrolled in Miradore. Technically speaking, a client or an MDM profile needs to be installed on the device to enable remote management. In addition, you can save time by automating device enrollments with Google Zero-touch enrollment, Samsung Knox Mobile Enrollment, or Apple Business Manager.

Enrolling Android devices

When you enroll Android devices, you can choose two different modes: Work profile or Fully managed device. When managing patients’ devices, we recommend you to use Fully managed device mode to be able to set usage restrictions or deny the device user from making a factory reset. Please note that this management method requires a factory reset during the enrollment.

Additionally, you can save some time by automating new device enrollments and configurations for company-owned devices with Google Zero-touch enrollment and Samsung Knox Mobile Enrollment.

If you wish to use Android Work profile (with limited management features), please see the instructions here.

Enrolling iOS devices

There are two management modes for iOS devices: supervised and unsupervised. For managing patients’ devices, we recommend you use the supervised mode, which gives better control over devices.

If you want to enroll Android and iOS devices that are already in use, reach out to us to find the best way you can do this.

2. Install necessary applications to devices

With MDM, you can install any application, like email, Zoom, WhatsApp, or SayHi to multiple devices at once, or blacklist any application that you feel would be potentially harmful. Additionally, you can import all necessary contacts remotely to Android devices.

App installation for Android

App installation for iOS

Please note that most applications require a user account that cannot be added remotely with MDM software.

3. Set restrictions for device usage

In most cases, setting restrictions for device usage is beneficial. With MDM, you can blacklist necessary applications and deny the user from making a factory reset or changing the device settings or password.

4. Track lost devices

In case any of the devices get lost, you can track, lock and wipe them remotely.

If you need help with setting up your mobile devices, don’t hesitate to reach out to us! We can help you with both newly purchased devices and devices that are already in use.

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by Katja Keinänen

Katja works as an Inbound Marketing Manager at Miradore and she enjoys transforming technical jargon into easily understandable content pieces.