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Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM)

Ensure that both company-owned and personal devices are managed and secured properly, so employees can focus on their work without interruptions. Start with Miradore for free and scale up easily with our pay-as-you-go licensing model.

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What is Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM)?

Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) refers to the management of devices in a corporate setting. Its main purpose is to ensure that devices and data stay secured even when employees are working on the go.

For some time, Mobile Device Management (MDM) was used as the general, common term to describe device management. However, as companies began to have more complex requirements for mobility and device management, Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) emerged as a more appropriate term.

EMM covers the entire suite of mobility management solutions, whereas MDM focuses solely on mobile devices and their security.

How can you benefit from EMM?

Prevent security breaches

Prevent security breaches

Address security threats and data leaks by securing personal and company-owned devices and the data stored in them.

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Ensure compliance

Ensure compliance

Set up devices according to corporate policy and ensure that all devices are compliant.

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Increase productivity

Increase productivity

Manage all kinds of devices, allow for a BYOD/CYOD policy, and ensure that employees have the right apps and a quick access to corporate resources.

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Save time and money

Save time and money

Automate the installation and administration of device settings, apps, and files, while managing the entire device lifecycle with a single tool.

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Miradore device management from the cloud

EMM with Miradore

With Miradore, you can secure and manage all of your organization’s devices from a single portal. The platform includes a wide variety of features and you can scale up whenever you like. Here are some of the features:

  • Security: Lock, wipe and encrypt devices, create secure containers, and manage file deployments.
  • Configurations: Set email, Wi-Fi, passcodes, and VPN configurations automatically.
  • Application management: Blacklist and whitelist applications. Deploy and remove apps, files, and certificates.
  • Restrictions: Prevent application install/uninstall, limit data roaming, and set web content filtering.
  • Location tracking: View current device locations and access location history.
  • Business policies: Apply settings, apps, and files to groups of devices automatically with business policies.

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