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Miradore Online is a Device Management software that enables you to manage your devices easier, faster and more cost-efficiently than any other solution on the market.

With Miradore you can enroll, secure, track and manage Android, iOS, Windows and macOS devices in one place. You can get started for free and unlock additional features with Business and Enterprise plans.

Get started with Miradore Online in 6 easy steps

Register and start Enterprise trial

Step 1:Register and start Enterprise trial

Getting started with Miradore Online is easy – you can register a new site in just a few minutes. After that, you can use the free version for an unlimited time, or you can start your free 14-day trial to try out the full Enterprise version.

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Step 2:Enroll devices

Enrolling devices and adding users is the first step in managing your devices. We recommend you use the most modern and advanced programs, such as Android Enterprise, Apple Deployment Programs, and Samsung Knox. Other options include for example email, SMS and USB.

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Enroll devices
Check out inventory

Step 3:Check out inventory

After you have enrolled some of your devices, you may want to check the inventory details that Miradore Online collects. The inventory contains plenty of detailed information about the devices’ hardware and software configurations.

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Step 4:Manage device settings

Managing device settings and features is easy with configuration profiles. You can choose the settings that you want to deploy and then install those to multiple devices at once. You can, for example, enforce the use of passcodes or encryption, and standardize company policies in managed devices.

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Manage device settings
Add applications

Step 5:Add applications

Just like with device settings, you can also deploy apps to your devices remotely. You can control which apps device users can install and even manage the installation of licensed apps centrally.

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Step 6:Automate with business policies

With business policies, you can define the settings, apps, and files that the system applies to your devices automatically if they meet certain conditions. Policies are an effective way to ensure that your devices comply with your company policies and security regulations.

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Automate with business policies

Why choose Miradore Online?


Ensure data security and compliance by enforcing safe passcodes, screen locks, work profiles, containers and emails, and by encrypting all confidential content saved on the device.

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Track location, enhance reporting, maintain inventory data, and gain total control of configurations, installations and analytics to restrict or direct application use.

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Automate device enrollment, patch management, business policy deployment (including tagging), and platform integrations complemented with Miradore API.

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Manage multiple sites, users and site analytics from one central portal. You can onboard new sites in the system easily by copying configurations.

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Which platforms do you work with?


Manage Android devices the modern way, from zero touch enrollment to Android Enterprise. Configure your company-specific Google Play store.

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Apple iOS

Make use of Apple Deployment Programs, including DEP and VPP, for business or school. In addition, over 90 restrictions are supported in the iOS platform.

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Miradore Online supports Azure Active Directory enrollment, MSI application deployment, Windows updates and patch management, and WiFi configuration.

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Manage and protect your macOS desktops and laptops. Miradore supports macOS Mojave and High Sierra.

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“The customer service was top-notch. Any time I’ve had a question I’ve gotten an answer in less than an hour. It’s just impressive to get that kind of quality of service from a vendor these days.”

Brian McGonagill
Product Manager, Incode Public Safety, Tyler Technologies

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