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Miradore makes device management easy

Miradore enables you to manage your devices easier, faster, and more cost-efficiently than any other solution on the market. You can enroll, secure, track and manage Android, iOS, Windows, and macOS devices in one place. You can get started for free and unlock additional features with our Premium plan.

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All the right features for effective device management

Miradore device and data security

Device and data security

Miradore’s features enable you to ensure device and data security easily. You can enforce passcodes, encrypt your device, and create a secure container for work data. And in case a device gets lost, you can lock and wipe it remotely.

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Device settings and restrictions

Managing device settings and restrictions is easy with configuration profiles. You can, for example, enforce the use of passcodes or encryption, or limit data roaming, blacklist/whitelist web pages, and set devices to kiosk mode.

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Miradore configurations and restrictions
Miradore application and content management

App and content management

Application management enables you to get the right software into the hands of device users. You can deploy, remove, and blacklist/whitelist applications, and manage software licenses.

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You can save time by automating various manual tasks, such as device enrollments and configurations. With Miradore’s business policies, you can define which settings, apps, and files should be installed automatically on devices that meet certain conditions.

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Miradore configuration automation
Miradore analytics and reporting capabilities

Device inventory, dashboard, and reports

You can view device-related data easily through Miradore’s Devices page, dashboard, and reports. The dashboard gives you a quick overview of all the managed devices but you can also create custom reports that allow you to dive deeper into specific data.

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Remote support

When you need to provide more hands-on support for your device users, you can start remote assistance sessions directly from Miradore with a TeamViewer integration.

More about remote assistance

Miradore remote support through TeamViewer

Why choose Miradore?


It’s smart

Miradore is a smart choice for any type of organization.​​

It has all the right features for easy and effective device management, and it scales to your needs.

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It’s simple

When you sign up for Miradore, you can start enrolling devices immediately.​

The software is easy to use and doesn’t require training to get started with.

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It’s secure

With Miradore, you can protect yourself from security threats and data breaches.​

You can easily ensure that devices are used safely and all sensitive data stays secure.

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