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Customer Stories

Healthcare company RIBW AVV protects sensitive data with MDM


MDM needed for securing sensitive patient data

RIBW Arnhem & Veluwe Vallei has over 700 Samsung tablets and smartphones. All of these are company devices, which employees use to collect and report extremely personal and sensitive data about the patients they visit. To prevent information from getting into the wrong hands and to fulfill Dutch regulations, RIBW AVV needed 100% dependable mobile device management.

To safeguard sensitive patient data, as required by Dutch laws, RIBW AVV's ICT Manager Ton Garretsen signed up with Miradore.

“Security is clearly a big issue for us and Miradore helps us to protect our devices – not just in case of theft or loss but also through device encryption."

Security, user-friendliness, and efficiency convinced

After testing out Miradore's Free Plan, RIBW AVV soon upgraded to the Premium Plan, which gives access to unlimited and exclusive features of Miradore. These include application management for their Android devices, as well as business policy enforcement for added automation and efficiency, among other features.

The key reasons for choosing Miradore were the user-friendliness and efficiency of the cloud-based solution.

"Besides having great reporting capabilities, Miradore allows us to manage and control our devices remotely. Compared to servicing devices on site, this saves us a lot of traveling time.”

Compliance with Dutch laws

The main benefits of Miradore for RIBW AVV were compliance with Dutch healthcare laws and higher efficiency through remote administration and automation. Having been using Miradore since 2014, Garretsen is very satisfied with his choice.

“We love to use Miradore. The interface is constantly being improved to ensure ease of use. It is very easy communicating with the people at Miradore. They always answer our questions quickly, and sometimes we have conference calls to talk about upcoming features.”

RIBW Arnhem & Veluwe Vallei

RIBW Arnhem & Veluwe Vallei is dedicated to helping adults and adolescents with various mental health issues. Working with people with psychiatric disorders or severe psycho-social problems, the Dutch healthcare company provides specialist assistance with housing, work and living a normal life. Their ultimate aim is to assist their clients’ long-term recovery by fostering their independence and self-worth.