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Gain control over devices

With Miradore, you’ll have total control over the use of mobile devices in your organization to ensure their functionality. Create configurations and install them remotely. Get transparency of internet and mobile data usage through reporting. Analytics is easy based on extensive inventory data gathered with Miradore.

Miradore configurations and restrictions


Set up Mail for Exchange and WiFi accounts easily with configuration profiles to Android, iOS and Windows Phone devices. Restriction configuration profiles limit the use of certain applications, content, services and device features, such as the camera or platform-specific application store. A configuration profile, such as the single app kiosk mode, can also be used to prevent end-users from leaving a specified application.

More about configuration profiles

Tracking device location

Miradore supports location tracking for both Android and iOS platforms to reduce the number of lost devices, ensure compliance within certain industries, such as transportation, by looking after the workforce, improve customer service, and gain other benefits that may not have been discovered yet.

More about location tracking

Miradore location tracking with background
Miradore content and app management

Deploying, whitelisting and blacklisting application installations

We provide an application management feature to manage application installations and usage in managed devices. Depending on your platform, you can remotely install applications from Google Play or Apple App Store or push application packages (APK/IPA/MSI) on the devices. With application blacklisting, you can define applications that cannot be used. Application whitelisting means the end-user can only install or use applications that you have approved in advance.

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Easy access to powerful analytics

Miradore’s reported data and powerful analytics provide an easy overview of the managed devices so that you can proactively work on them for better security. You can keep track of which phone models and operating systems are in use and what are their statuses, whether they apply passcode enforcement and encryption, to ensure their safety and compliance. You’ll have access to a number of ready-made reports in the Miradore dashboard, device-specific inventories, and a report builder for creating customized reports.

More about analytics

Miradore analytics and reporting with background
Comune di Pordenone

“I was looking for a free solution that would allow me to manage the devices in a more organic and centralized way. Thanks to Google, we’ve been Miradore customers since July 2015.”

Paolo Cristofoli, IT Support Specialist, Comune di Pordenone

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