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Kiosk Mode for Android and iPad

With Miradore’s Android Kiosk Mode and iPad Kiosk Mode, you can gain full control over the usage of your devices by turning them into Single App or Multi-App Kiosk mode. Limiting device functionalities helps to increase security and ensure that devices are used for their intended purpose.

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Increase device security with Kiosk mode

Kiosk mode is a powerful feature for any type of company or organization looking to control the usage of their devices. By limiting device functionalities, you can ensure that devices are always used correctly.

Kiosk mode is especially useful when some of your devices are only used for certain tasks or they have multiple users, such as your customers.

Devices in Kiosk mode are often used as POS terminals or info screens but they can be used for various other tasks, such as delivery tracking and stock level monitoring. In restaurants, tablets can be locked down to one or a couple of apps to help restaurant employees to view seating charts and order information, or to a customized food ordering app through which customers place their order.

Android Kiosk Mode

Miradore supports Kiosk mode for all Android devices running Android 9 and above. You can lock your Android device down into a single application and define which UI features are visible to device users (e.g. home button, notification area, recent apps, and keyguard). You can also set up various restrictions, such as:

  • Disable volume adjusting
  • Disable factory reset
  • Disable safe booting
  • Disable screen off timeout configuration

With the multi-app kiosk mode, you can allow device users to access the device home screen, device settings, and any number of preselected apps.

iPad Kiosk Mode (iOS & iPadOS)

Additionally, Miradore provides Kiosk mode for iOS devices. In Kiosk mode, the home buttons are always disabled on iOS and iPadOS devices and the end-user cannot remove the Kiosk mode configuration. If the device is turned on or rebooted, it returns to the specified application.

Miradore allows administrators to set additional restrictions for buttons and device features, such as:

  • Disable touch screen
  • Disable auto-lock
  • Disable volume buttons
  • Disable sleep/wake button
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