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Remote Support

Quickly troubleshoot and solve any device issue with fast, hassle-free remote support powered by GoTo Resolve. With native remote support in the Premium+ plan, IT admins can easily view and control Windows, Android, iOS, or macOS devices with a simple and quick click of a button.

Remote support made affordable, simple, and secure.

  • Cost-effective: Native integration to GoTo Resolve’s desktop and mobile remote support tools removes the need for an external remote support license, lowering the total cost of ownership and saving your business money.
  • Zero complexity: Maintaining multiple tools and a growing tech stack puts additional strain on your IT team and negatively impacts their productivity. Miradore enables Premium+ users to manage devices and provide instant remote support from one easy-to-use platform.
  • Seriously secure: An easy-to-use interface backed by powerful, permission-based security measures, including end-to-end data encryption with government-approved 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) and Transport Layer Security (TLS).

Multi-platform support

Access any mobile device, tablet and workstation across iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows with a quick click of a button.

  • Start a remote session directly from Premium+, and with authentication handled behind the scenes, there’s no need for a separate GoTo Resolve login.
  • Invite device user to join a secure session by support key, direct link, email, or by SMS invitation.
  • A seamless join flow with visual cues effortlessly guides the experience
  • Take full control of Windows, Android, and MacOS devices, enabling admins to fix errors immediately and limit downtime.
  • Remotely view any Windows, Android, MacOS, and iOS devices to get eyes on the problem and provide step-by-step guidance.

In-session functionality

In-session tools allow IT admins to instantly diagnose and resolve issues, reducing employee downtime.

  • Simultaneously support multiple device users at a time.
  • Transfer files and folders in a live support session.
  • Run tasks in Admin Mode without needing device user credentials.
  • Pull the computer’s internal details (i.e., CPU, memory) without needing to disturb the end-user for additional information.
  • Restart the device user’s computer and automatically reconnect to the support session in progress to provide a seamless experience.

Mobile support for Android and iOS

With mobile device support, you can ensure employees have access to the tools and apps they need to get the job done.

  • Remotely view and control devices running Android 7+ to seamlessly perform tasks and resolve issues.
  • By leveraging the iOS Broadcast feature, admins can remotely view any iPhone or iPad running iOS 11+ for fast, easy support.
  • Start a chat on a connected mobile device to easily ask questions and update the device user.
  • Take a screenshot or record the user’s screen during support sessions to provide detailed visual guidance.
  • Zoom in and out of the device user’s screen to obtain a clear view of the issue and offer an accurate resolution.



“Security is clearly a big issue for us and Miradore helps us to protect our devices – not just in case of theft or loss but also through device encryption.”

Ton Garretsen, RIBW Arnhem & Veluwe Vallei

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“We use Miradore as part of our security management. Miradore allows us to manage devices centrally and we are able to respond to IT updates more quickly. It also allows us to install and remove applications remotely on all our devices.”

DDC Multilingual Solutions

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Chesapeake regional healthcare logo

“One of our iPads went missing and we were able to find it with the help of Miradore. We used Miradore’s Map feature to locate the device and found it in the employee’s car, under the driver’s seat. We were extremely happy that we didn’t have to replace the missing device with a new one.”

Jim Durkin, Information Security Officer, Chesapeake Regional Healthcare