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Miradore acquired by GoTo – what happens next?

4 min read

Simo Salmensuu

In July, we announced that GoTo intends to acquire Miradore. Now, we have officially joined forces!

GoTo is an all-in-one business communications and IT support and management platform. We are thrilled that this partnership will bring our customers forward in Miradore and GoTo’s joint vision to help small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) and lead the future of work movement.

In this blog post, I’ll explain why this acquisition is a natural next step for Miradore and what lies ahead.

Why is Miradore joining GoTo?

Miradore’s international footprint has grown rapidly in the last few years, and this was a logical move in our growth journey. Mobile Device Management (MDM) is a key element for companies that want to enable modern work habits that are not tied to a certain place or time. However, it is only one piece of the puzzle. Following the close of the deal and integration with GoTo, we will be able to tap into their global network as one of the world’s largest SaaS companies, allowing us to provide more powerful tools and integrations for customers.

Our goal at Miradore has always been to help small and midsize organizations secure and manage their devices more efficiently, and ultimately enable companies to support modern work where employees can work flexibly anywhere and anytime – with the devices and tools they need.

GoTo’s vision and mission to be SMB’s one-stop-shop for IT needs fits perfectly with Miradore’s goal to save SMBs time and money with MDM. Together, we can provide more powerful tools for SMBs and deliver a stronger, more seamless IT management experience.

Miradore is committed to modernizing device management to work more efficiently and securely so that SMBs can grow their remote workforce while minimizing risk. We’re thrilled to share this vision with GoTo.

What do you need to know about GoTo?

GoTo is a leader in the flexible work and IT support space, and it has made a reputation for itself as an all-in-one company for all IT needs through its two flagship products:

  • GoTo Connect – a unified communications platform, including features like meetings, cloud telephony, messaging, contact center capabilities, and more.
  • GoTo Resolve – an IT support and management solution, including tools like remote access, multi-platform problem solving, conversational ticketing, and advanced zero trust security.

What happens next?

Business as usual! Currently, there are no planned changes for our customers or partners, and Miradore and GoTo will continue to operate as separate companies.

There are also no anticipated changes to Miradore’s features, integrations, and API at the moment. The product remains exactly the same, and we will continue our regular cadence of developing and updating the features and usability.

For our roadmap, this means that we’re continuing to improve the same highly requested features as before – including macOS patch management and improvements to the UI.

And we would be remiss not to address one of our most appreciated features – our freemium model and risk-free option that allows customers to get started for free and upgrade when needed. This will be baked into the GoTo Resolve strategy, which also offers a free version. GoTo has a history of freemium which was one of the reasons we moved forward with this deal.

Our team remains as available and committed to you as ever before! Please continue to reach out to our sales and support team with questions and concerns, as there are no current changes to support or account management teams.

What to expect in 2023?

The quality of our product and service is something we are very proud of, and something we know our customers value. When planning the product integrations, maintaining the high quality of both our product and service and making sure that our customers will benefit from the combined offering of Miradore and GoTo in the best possible way is a top priority.

Once Miradore is integrated into GoTo Resolve, which we expect will happen in the first half of 2023, our customers will have a more seamless IT management experience, which means:

  • Streamlined IT support: Extended device management capabilities for all devices on supported platforms like PCs, Macs, iOS and Android mobile devices, Chromebooks, and tablets.
  • Secure company-issued and BYOD device: GoTo has best-in-class enterprise-grade encryption and zero trust architecture, which we complement with our security features, including lockdown and control of devices to limit the risk of data exposure.
  • One tool for different tasks and devices: GoTo’s best-in-class remote support, desktop management, and Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) capabilities combined with Miradore’s powerful mobile device management capabilities.

GoTo Resolve is a game-changer for remote IT support software, and its simple all-in-one IT support fortified with zero trust security will bring peace of mind to our customers. Included are features like IT automation, which saves time and increases productivity; unattended access, allowing you to work on any machine whenever the time is right; and more. Meanwhile, GoTo Connect allows for calls, meetings, and messages, anywhere, on any device.

With an increase in remote work, both products are pushing the future of work movement forward, allowing Miradore’s customers a pain-free remote work experience, all while managing costs and increasing productivity.

I can assure you that beyond this year, GoTo is equally as committed as Miradore is to delivering a flawless customer service experience — you will see no lapse in attentiveness or operational capacity throughout this transition.

For more information, please read our announcement press release.

Simo Salmensuu Author background

by Simo Salmensuu

CEO at Miradore