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Mac Management and Apple Device Management (macOS)

Miradore makes Mac management easy by helping you manage and protect your macOS desktops and laptops remotely. Enroll your macOS devices and get started easier and faster than with any other platform on the market.

Miradore supports devices running macOS 10.7 and newer.

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Key features for Mac

Maximize device and data security on Mac

Ensure the security of macOS computers and protect your company data by configuring devices according to your company policy.

  • enforce the use of a password
  • encrypt the full hard drive with FileVault
  • remote wipe/boot

Configure the settings of your Macs remotely

Make it easier for your employees to take new devices into use by setting the right configurations remotely while saving both your employees’ and IT admin’s time.

Miradore configurations and restrictions for macOS

Take full control over device usage

Ensure that computers are used securely by setting restrictions for device usage.

  • deny auto-unlock
  • deny passcode changes
  • deny the autofill password feature on Safari
  • deny the use of AirDrop
Miradore configurations and restrictions for macOS

Provide your employees with the right tools to work productively

You can deploy and manage applications on your Mac devices with Miradore through Apple Business Manager and Apple School Manager.

  • deploy apps (Apple Business/School Manager or PKG packages)
  • deploy software licenses
  • keep apps updated

For more advanced IT management, you can deploy scripts.

Miradore content and app management

Bring clarity to your device fleet

With Miradore, you can quickly get a view of your entire device inventory and device users. You can access essential information on both hardware and software, including installed applications, device security status, and network data usage.

  • dashboard widgets
  • standard and customer reports
  • device inventory data
Miradore analytics and reporting for macOS

Make Mac management easier

Automating Mac management helps you save time and money and reduce human errors, especially if you’re managing multiple devices.

Automate device setups

Miradore supports Apple Business/School Manager for device enrollment automation.

Automate device configurations

Automate the deployment of various configurations and applications to macOS with Miradore’s Business Policies.

Business Policies are collections of applications and configurations that can be automatically deployed to devices based on device and user groups.

Miradore business policies for macOS

Supported Apple device management tools

Apple Business Manager and Apple School Manager

Apple Business Manager (ABM) is Apple’s own web portal where IT administrators can see Apple devices and app licenses purchased by their organization and assign the devices for remote management. Apple School Manager (ASM) is a similar program for schools and other educational institutions.

Apple Business Manager was launched in 2018, integrating Apple Volume Purchase Program (VPP) and Apple Device Enrollment Program (DEP) into a single platform.

Apple Device Enrollment Program (Apple DEP)

Apple Device Enrollment Program (DEP) is part of Apple Business/School Manager and it helps IT admins to simplify initial device setup. With Apple DEP, you can automate and enforce the enrollment of your devices and ship devices directly to device users and manage them straight out of the box.

In practice, DEP enrolls your devices in Miradore when a user starts up the device for the first time or does a factory reset. After that, the management solution sets up your device according to your organization’s IT policies defined in Miradore.

Apple Volume Purchase Program (Apple VPP)

Apple Volume Purchase Program (VPP) is part of Apple Business/School Manager. With VPP, you can buy and install apps for users silently. Moreover, you can buy all your licenses in one place, and distribute and revoke them as necessary.

Provide support for device users with Mac remote access

When you need to provide more hands-on support for your device users, you can start remote assistance sessions directly from Miradore with a TeamViewer integration.

  • Start attended support sessions with remote access.
  • View all necessary device data in Miradore.
  • Change device configurations remotely.

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