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Android Device Management (Android MDM)

Miradore enables mobile device management across all Android device manufacturers. It helps you set up devices with ease, secure both data and devices, and manage Android device settings and applications remotely.

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Secure and control your Android devices

With Miradore, you can secure your Android devices by enforcing passcodes, encryption, and VPN. You can separate business data from personal data and et restrictions and policies for device usage. And in case a device gets lost, you can track its location and remotely wipe or lock it. As a result, you can stay compliant with data protection regulations like HIPAA and GDPR.

Miradore lets you whitelist and blacklist apps and set restrictions for the device usage. For instance, you can deny data roaming, changing the settings, factory reset, or even the removal of device administration. You can also deploy email or Mail for Exchange settings to your devices.

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Automate with Zero-Touch Enrollment

Miradore is an official Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) partner for Google’s Zero-touch enrollment (ZTE). The ZTE is an Android feature that you can use to automate the setup of company-owned devices with your organization’s IT policies. In fact, the device user only needs to turn on or reset a device, and the device provisions itself with the enterprise apps and settings.

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About Android device management

Managed Google Play Store

Managed Google Play is an enterprise version of the platform’s application store. With Miradore, you can create a managed Google Play Store for your organization and choose which apps are available to device users. In addition, you can manage license entitlements and choose the users who can install certain apps.

As a result, your users have easy access to apps approved by IT. They can then install the apps as a self-service from the store or ask their admins to push the apps silently to their devices.

Android Enterprise

Miradore also supports Android Enterprise that is a unified set of device management APIs and tools built into the operating system. It enables extensive security and management features for devices running Android 5.0 or newer across all device manufacturers.

With Android Enterprise’s Work-Managed Device mode, you can fully manage company-owned devices. The Work Profile mode allows you to separate work apps and data from private use on privately owned devices. Therefore, the Work Profile is an ideal solution for companies with a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy in place.

Samsung Knox

Miradore integrates with Samsung Knox mobile security platform that comes preinstalled in most Samsung smartphones and tablets. The Knox-enabled Samsung devices have built-in support for many additional security features, which enables you to control and secure the devices effectively with a management solution.

Billington Food Service

Billington Food Service transitions to Android using MDM from Miradore

Billington Food Service, a bespoke supplier to the UK’s food service industry, needed a new MDM solution as they transitioned from iOS to Android.

“Miradore has dramatically increased the ease with which we manage our devices – the interface is intuitive and extremely simple to navigate.”


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