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App Management

Miradore’s app management capabilities enable you to distribute software easily to any device and take control over application usage. We support all major operating systems: Windows, Android, macOS, and iOS.

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Be in charge of application usage

Miradore enables you to gain control over application usage. You can install and configure applications remotely on Windows, iOS, macOS, and Android devices, and manage software licenses in a single portal.

To further enhance security, you can protect devices from unwanted apps by whitelisting and blacklisting applications. Moreover, you can make sure that your devices are running the latest software and application versions by automating app updates.

With proper application management, you can ensure device and data security by having full control over software distribution.

More about application deployment

Increase productivity and employee satisfaction

Having a centralized way to manage and deploy applications increases work efficiency for both IT and device users.

  • IT can save time by managing software installations, configurations, and updates remotely.
  • Device users can focus on their work when all the necessary applications are installed on their devices automatically.

Remote software distribution for any device


Miradore allows you to install applications remotely to Android devices, in addition to viewing and removing apps. You can control the installation of consumer and enterprise apps through Play Store or deploy your own app from an APK file.

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You can distribute any software to your Windows devices remotely without having to hand over admin rights to device users. Moreover, Miradore supports the patching of various software products from almost 100 vendors.

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iOS and macOS

Miradore supports Apple’s Volume Purchase Program (VPP), which is a part of Apple Business Manager. VPP allows you to purchase licenses and install applications remotely to both iOS and macOS devices.

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