Although mobile devices are gaining traction in organizations of all sizes, Windows workstations haven't lost their dominant position at work. Miradore supports Windows 10, Windows 8 and Windows 7, helping you to implement Unified Endpoint Management (UEM). Key features include software deployment, automated patch management, and integration with Azure Active Directory.

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Secure your Windows devices

With Miradore, you can secure your Windows devices easily. You can  enforce passcodes, encryption, and VPN, separate business data from personal data and set restrictions for device usage. You can, for instance, deny data roaming, changing the settings, factory reset, or even the removal of device administration, and whitelist and blacklist apps.

In case a device gets lost, you can track its location and remotely wipe or lock it. As a result, you can stay compliant with data protection regulations like HIPAA and GDPR.


Two management methods for Windows

You can manage your Windows devices with two different management methods: Light and Full. Windows 10 devices are managed with the Full management method which supports additional features, like software inventory, remote wipe and reboot, configuration profiles, business policies, software deployment, and patch management.

Windows-specific features

Integration to Azure Active Directory

With Azure Active Directory integration, you can automate the enrollment of your devices in Miradore Online. In fact, the solution enrolls your devices when someone joins them in Azure AD or adds an Azure AD workplace account to them.

Automated patch management

With Miradore, you can ensure that all your Windows devices have the latest quality updates and software patches installed. Miradore supports over 200 other software products from almost 100 vendors like Adobe, Cisco, Citrix, Google, and Oracle.

MSI software deployment

The software deployment feature lets you install software to your devices remotely as well as perform mass updates for the software. You can also remove the software from your devices remotely.

Mail for Exchange configuration

You can deploy Mail for Exchange settings to your devices remotely with Miradore Online. As a result, your users will have more time to focus on their daily tasks.

Other supported platforms


Manage Android devices the modern way, from zero touch enrollment to Android Enterprise. Configure your company-specific Google Play store.

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Apple iOS

Make use of Apple Deployment Programs, including DEP and VPP, for business or school. In addition, over 90 restrictions are supported in the iOS platform.

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Manage and protect your macOS desktops and laptops. Miradore supports macOS Mojave and High Sierra.

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