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Miradore Online mobile device management (MDM) solution helps you ensure mobile device and data security as well as data compliance across the organization. Easy ways to protect company data include separating business and personal use, enforcing safe passcodes and screen locks, and allowing your platform to encrypt all confidential content.

Device security with Miradore

Strong screen lock passcodes help protect mobile devices and data. Miradore Online enables you to deploy a passcode policy in all managed devices so that passcode usage is not left for the device user to decide. The policy enforces the users to set a passcode that meets your pre-defined complexity requirements.

One of EU’s data protection requirements (GDPR) is to wipe sensitive information from devices when they are lost or stolen. With Miradore Online, you can remotely and selectively wipe company-related information while leaving personal data untouched. This is particularly useful if your company has a BYOD policy and both personal and business data is included in the devices.

Miradore Online enables you to set storage encryption requirements on the managed devices with the users’ consent, depending on the manufacturer’s support. Encryption helps protect data storage in the event of theft or confiscation.

Security breaches and data leakages can also be prevented with automated patch management that helps keep Windows devices up-to-date and secured.

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Work Profile is a secure container which isolates business data and apps from private use on privately owned devices.

Data security on Android

Miradore Online allows work profiles on Android devices to create a secure container for work data that is separated from private applications. By enabling work profiles, organizations can manage meaningful business data and applications but leave other content on the device to be controlled by its user. As an administrator, you’ll control the work profiles, and work-related items are distinguished from personal applications by labeling. You can remotely manage the work containers and deploy application silently.

Work profiles are particularly important if your company supports the use of personal devices at work (BYOD). For example, you can make sure that work-related contact information does not leak out via private instant messaging applications.

Data security on iOS

There are over 90 restrictions supported by the Apple iOS platform. In addition to those related to applications, functionality, iCloud, and media content, available security and privacy restrictions include denying erase all content and settings and denying passcode modification. Restriction configuration profiles can be applied to all Apple iOS devices that are managed with Miradore Online.

Many of these security and privacy restrictions require that the devices be in Supervised mode. IOS devices can be set into Supervised mode by either enrolling the devices using Apple Device Enrollment Program (DEP), which is supported by Miradore Online, or by enrolling the devices via Apple Configurator.

Miradore Online’s lost mode security action for iOS helps secure managed devices when they are lost or stolen. When lost mode is enabled on a device, the device is locked and can’t be used until it is found and lost mode is disabled by the administrator.

Miradore's secure email protects data and contacts by enclosing them inside the app.

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GDPR phone on map of Europe

GDPR and Mobile Device Management

For any business or organization operating in Europe, May 25, 2018 was an urgent deadline. The GDPR, while a huge win for consumer rights and privacy protection overall, requires action for anyone who collects and stores personal information, such as names, e-mail addresses, and phone numbers.


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HIPAA for the Healthcare Industry

Data protection regulations, such as HIPAA for the healthcare industry, help keep our most personal data safe. We’ll take a look at the implications of this regulation below, from the perspective of using Mobile Device Management with Miradore Online to secure smartphones and tablets.


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Track location, enhance reporting, maintain inventory data, and gain total control of configurations, installations, and analytics to restrict or direct application use.

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Automate device enrollment, patch management, business policy deployment (including tagging), and platform integrations complemented with Miradore API.

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Manage multiple sites, users and site analytics from one central portal. You can onboard new sites in the system easily by copying configurations.

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