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Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

Miradore fits in well with the various device policies in today’s modern workplace of full- and part-time employees and contract workers. How can you make sure everyone has the devices and apps they need to complete their work while ensuring security and privacy?


What is BYOD?

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) is an IT policy of allowing employees to use their personal devices to access business data and applications at work. Smartphones are the most common example, but employees are also increasingly bringing their own tablets and laptops into the workplace.

Miradore can help your organization adopt a device policy that is a win-win for all, enabling user satisfaction, increasing productivity, managing risk, and capturing savings on device acquisition and maintenance.

OEMs make BYOD device selection easier

Sometimes employees want to buy a new device for both personal and professional use. Google’s Android Enterprise Recommended list can help make device selection easier for both the employee and the organization.

These preferred Android devices have containers for a personal profile that the employee completely controls, and a secure, vaulted work profile that IT can control with an enterprise mobility management (EMM) tool like Miradore, which is an approved EMM provider.

Organizations can shortlist and specify to BYOD users which devices they can consider purchasing to ensure they have access to the proper enterprise apps, data, and services.

BYOD with Miradore

Manage risks

Manage risks

Malware exposure, data leaks, and stolen or lost devices are the risks of BYOD, especially since the employee is using the device a lot more frequently due to personal use. Ensure privacy by separating business data from personal data with MDM. Make sure your business contacts and other data doesn’t leak through to a user’s personal apps, and enforce a separate passcode for unlocking the business profile.

Satisfy users and increase productivity

Satisfy users and increase productivity

Employees tend to show stronger productivity when they use devices familiar to them, and they also enjoy a personalized experience that increases their satisfaction, according to technology review site Tom’s Hardware.

With MDM you can ensure that your employees have all of the necessary applications, access to company data, and WiFi. With the automation features, employees don’t need to visit the IT department to update software or reset a passcode.

Capture Savings

Capture Savings

Reduce equipment costs by having employees use a smartphone that they’ve already purchased. You will then only need to manage that employee’s single smartphone, as opposed to two or more, reducing IT’s time in managing additional hardware. A BYOD policy also removes the additional procedure of having to wipe, reconfigure, and reassign devices to new employees.

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