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Celebrate Your Awesome IT Pros, its IT Pro Day 2023!

2 min read

Phillip Hamada

Introduced in 2015 and celebrated on the third Tuesday of September, IT Pro Day is an annual celebration recognizing the hard work of IT professionals in every industry across the globe. So let's take a minute to give a massive shoutout to all the IT professionals out there who keep our businesses and device up and running!

IT Pros and why they’re so important

IT professionals are the unsung heroes of most modern businesses and MDM is no exception. They ensure everyone has the right hardware/devices, they keep our systems up and running, they maintain our security systems, provide support, and help keep everything compliant with business mandates.

With the increase of hybrid working environments, IT Pros have become even more integral in supporting remote business operations and keeping your devices secure and up-to-date. And while IT professionals build and support our businesses by keeping up with new technologies, integrating legacy systems, and ensuring security, most people only tend to reach out if something isn't working or something seems broken.

There's no such thing as a 9-5 IT job. When something breaks it needs to be fixed, NOW!

There is a clear lack of understanding of the role of IT professionals and the complexities of modern IT, which unfortunately means the hard work they put in to ensure everything runs smoothly often goes unrecognized.

How can you show support?

It's important to acknowledge the hard work of IT professionals, especially those who have persevered through the challenges of an ever-changing work environment so you can comfortably sit and work from home. Taking a moment to recognize their efforts can make a big difference in boosting morale and showing appreciation for their dedication. Show some love, hug your IT Pros (if they're cool with it), or go buy them their snack of choice whether it is coffee, cookies, pizza, or something else, just take a moment to say thanks.

We'd like to say thank you to all IT Pros out there, but especially to our own here at Miradore!

Phillip Hamada Author background

by Phillip Hamada

Phill joined Miradore in November 2020 as a Digital Marketing Specialist. If he's not writing or translating content you can find him on a basketball court somewhere.

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