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Increase efficiency with automation

Mobile device management with Miradore translates into online efficiency and security. New device roll-outs are fast and efficient by automation. You can save time and money by deploying business policies, automating installations and enforcing configurations, applications and more. Disposing manual tasks will reduce human errors and help ensure compliant and secure use of mobile devices.

Automate device enrollment

Miradore supports both automated (Apple DEP, Android zero-touch, Samsung KNOX, Azure AD) and manual device enrollment. An automated device enrollment process includes automatically attaching a device bought from an authorized reseller to your enterprise account and connecting it to the system. Once you assign an enrollment profile, the device is shipped out, and when it’s started, everything from WiFi settings to email accounts and applications is automatically configured and installed. If an employee leaves, their device can be remotely wiped, assigned, and configured to a new user in Miradore.

Automation Enrollment
Automate with business policies 3

Automate deployments with business policies

Your chosen applications and configuration profiles, such as passcode and encryption requirements and email configurations, can be automatically installed and enforced to a group of devices. This is to ensure that the enrolled devices are compliant with company policies and security regulations and to reduce administrative work. Device tagging in Miradore is an easy and efficient way to deploy different policies, for example, to monitor office-specific policy compliance.

Utilize Miradore API and AD connector for integration

Miradore can be complemented with Miradore API (Application Programming Interface) to integrate with external information systems and feed quality real-time data into your business ecosystem. This is a REST-based web service used over secure HTTPS with the GET method to directly export data from the Miradore database in XML format. It can be used to programmatically trigger actions and receive online status and inventory data. Miradore also provides a connector to import users from Microsoft Active Directory (AD).

Automation API

“Miradore saves us crucial time in setting up mobile devices, because we can get email, security and WiFi settings delivered automatically, all at once.”

Pasi Happonen, Sosteri

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Other benefits of Miradore



Ensure data security and compliance by enforcing safe passcodes, screen locks, work profiles, containers and emails, and by encrypting all confidential content saved on the device.

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Track location, enhance reporting, maintain inventory data, and gain total control of configurations, installations and analytics to restrict or direct application use.

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Manage multiple sites, users and site analytics from one central portal. You can onboard new sites in the system easily by copying configurations.

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Get started with Miradore

Start securing your devices and data today with Miradore. Create a site in just a few minutes and start adding devices immediately. You can get started for free and try out the full features with our 14-day Enterprise trial.

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