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iPad and iPhone Device Management (iPadOS & iOS MDM)

Miradore is the best choice for iPad and iPhone device management if you're looking to manage Apple devices in an easy yet affordable way, and need an effective solution for managing your iOS and iPadOS devices remotely. Miradore's Apple mobile device management (MDM) solution integrates tightly with Apple's latest enterprise mobility management technologies, ensuring that you'll be able to provide the best protection for your data and devices.

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Secure and control your iPhones and iPads

With Miradore, you can ensure the data security and compliance of your Apple smartphones and tablets by enforcing safe passcodes, screen locks, work profiles, containers, and emails, and encrypt all confidential content. In addition, you can separate business data from personal data and this way ensure that your business contacts or other data don’t leak.

You can gain control of configurations and installations and restrict the use of device functionalities and applications. Any apps needed can be pre-approved by the IT administrator and installed silently.

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Automate with Apple’s Device Enrollment Program (DEP)

Device Enrollment Program (DEP) is part of the Apple Business Manager (ABM) concept. With Apple DEP, you can automate and enforce the enrollment of your Apple devices and ship devices directly to your users and manage them straight out of the box. The device user cannot remove the device management profile from the device which ensures that your devices will remain under control and protected.

In practice, DEP enrolls your devices in Miradore’s MDM solution when a user starts up the device for the first time or does a factory reset. After that, the management solution sets up your device according to your organization’s IT policies defined in Miradore. The setup can include application installations and configuration settings, such as enabling the Supervised mode, enforcing a passcode policy, or denying the removal of the MDM profile.

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About Apple device management

Apple Business Manager

Apple Business Manager (ABM) is Apple’s own web-portal where IT administrators can centrally enroll all their Apple devices. Miradore supports ABM which means that you can automate and enforce the enrollment of your devices with Apple Device Enrollment Program (DEP).

Volume Purchase Program

Miradore supports Apple’s Volume Purchasing Program (VPP). VPP lets you buy and install apps for users silently. Moreover, you can buy all your licenses in one place, and distribute and revoke them as necessary.

Young Capital

YoungCapital saves 200 hours annually on setting up employees’ iPhones

YoungCapital, one of the largest recruitment technology firms in Europe, realized it needed a solution for iOS management. Some employees were changing sim cards, and there was no complete knowledge of the phone’s ownership or whereabouts.

“Facilitating the software setup is key to both the employee’s working experience and the operational success of the company. With Miradore, we saved 200 hours annually on setting up iPhones,” says Remon Van der Doorn of YoungCapital.

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