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IT Service Providers

If you’re an IT service provider, Miradore is the easiest tool on the market to increase productivity, improve customer satisfaction, gain higher profit per managed device, and grow your business.

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Improve customer satisfaction with consistent processes and proactivity

Automating IT service with Miradore lets you offer secure and reliable legislation-compliant processes to your customers. You’ll eliminate the risk of human error and gain 100% control over the managed devices to proactively ensure consistent results and compliance.

The benefits emphasized by our service provider clients include fewer support calls thanks to improved deployments and usability. Partnership with Miradore has delivered significant cost savings to both IT service providers and their customers all over the world.

Increase productivity with an easy-to-use system

Miradore really stands out when it comes to ease of use. The modern, intuitive interface allows you to get started and learn in hours instead of weeks, and it is easy for you to show your customers how they can utilize the system that controls their devices.

Miradore will let you minimize repetitive tasks by complete automation, with the help of over-the-air (OTA) deployment of applications and configurations, as well as to save time with faster onboarding when deploying new devices. You’ll gain a complete view of the devices and their IT inventory, including data for device owners and statuses.

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Manage multiple sites from one portal

Multitenancy is another benefit. You can manage all of your Miradore sites from a single page: the MSP Portal for Miradore. Via a single login, you will experience faster onboarding of new sites, more efficient management of multitenant environments, and centralized user permission management.

We developed this feature for IT service providers who in the past had often found themselves having to log off and then log back into various Miradore instances they were managing for different clients. The MSP Portal does away with this inefficient process.

The MSP Portal is available at no additional cost when you have at least one paid subscription.

Read about the eight key benefits of the MSP Portal.

Gain higher profit per managed device and grow your business

Miradore is an easily scalable system for IT service providers. A new customer site can be created in seconds and configured in minutes, and we offer a powerful API to adjust Miradore to your business needs. Our clients report significant cost savings thanks to the flexible need-based, pay-as-you-go licensing model. Miradore is a SaaS solution with hosting and backups included in the license price. Its cost benefits include control over data usage and locating lost devices.

Moreover, Miradore’s sales and tech support to service providers is top-notch. Our team will work with you to help you close more business, and you can turn to us any time you have a question.


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“A true partnership that almost feels like an augmentation to our business.”

Wireless Support is an IT Service Provider based in California and they have been a Miradore partner since May 2018. Wireless Support offers dedicated mobility solutions for various types of companies, from SMBs to Fortune 500 companies. Currently, they’re helping multiple Amazon Delivery Service Partners to manage their devices.

“Miradore offers a combination of features and pricing that fit within our overall service delivery model. We also like Miradore’s ability to address technical issues quickly and open consideration for new features that customers request. It is a true partnership that almost feels like an augmentation to our business,” describes Ray Rodgers, Senior Account Manager at Wireless Support.

“The partnership has solidified the requirement to manage our customer’s mobile devices. Likewise, our customers can also access the portal and manage the devices from the access we provide to them.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to have White Labeling with your solution for Managed Service Providers?

Yes, it is possible. However, we require a commitment of at least 10,000 devices and there is a one-time setup fee. Please contact us for further information.

Is there a separate contract needed to bundle your product with our services?

No. Our terms of service allow you as a service provider to bundle our product into your offering.

Is Miradore multi-tenant?

Yes, with a single user account, you can manage multiple customers.

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