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Remote employees and teams

Support your remote employees and teams cost-efficiently with Miradore device management platform.

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Create the foundation for enterprise mobility with remote device management

The way people work has changed dramatically over the past few years and enterprise mobility has become a competitive advantage that helps improve employee satisfaction and increase productivity.

Enabling workforce mobility might sound like a complex task but with the right foundation, any organization can get started easily.

With Miradore, you can make sure that your employees have the tools and resources they need to work productively. At the same time, you can obtain a total view of your device fleet and ensure data security across the entire organization.

With Miradore, you can...

Manage any device and platform efficiently from a single portal

In most organizations today, employees work with a wide variety of devices and platforms. Therefore, the ability to manage all Android, Windows, iOS, and macOS devices from a single platform becomes not only useful but also important.

With Miradore, you can manage any device centrally with no involvement from employees, ensuring that everyone has the right hardware and software.

Additionally, you can streamline your processes by automating device setups and configurations with Miradore’s business policies. This allows you to save a significant amount of time and ensures that all devices comply with security and data privacy regulations.

Provide remote employees with the tools and resources they need

When working remotely, employees need to have access to the necessary data and applications in order to be productive.

With Miradore’s application deployment and configuration profiles, you can install applications and VPN settings remotely to your employees’ devices.

Miradore also enables you to keep the software and installed applications up-to-date, eliminating possible security vulnerabilities that can compromise the device.

Protect business data and comply with regulations

One of the biggest concerns with remote work is data security.

Miradore helps you minimize risks by allowing you to manage device settings, access real-time data on your devices and their security status 24/7, and enforce the safe use of devices via restrictions.

With business policies, you can easily deploy the same setting and restrictions, such as password requirements and blacklisted URLs and apps, to all devices. You can also separate business and personal data, and fix security vulnerabilities with patch management. And in case a device gets lost, you can track, lock, and wipe it remotely.

When all devices are set up according to a standardized business policy, you can ensure compliance with regulations like GDPR and HIPAA.

Why choose Miradore?

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Get started fast and easy

When you sign up for Miradore, you can start enrolling devices immediately. The software is easy to use and doesn’t require training to get started with.

It has all the right features for easy and effective device management, and it scales to your needs.

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Manage costs

With Miradore you only pay for the devices that you manage. You can get started for free and scale up when needed, as our plans and licensing model adjust to the needs of your organization.

There are no hidden fees, and everything is included in the plan you choose.

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