Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) can save time and money with mobile device management (MDM). Your hardware and data will be safe, and your business can become more profitable in the process.


SMBs face different IT and operational challenges than do large corporations. Employees need to work just as efficiently, using the same device models, operating systems, and apps as do employees in larger companies.

SMBs today should have the same access to “enterprise-grade” solutions that large organizations do. Thanks to cloud-based SaaS solutions like Miradore Online MDM, this is a possibility.

Most SMBs do not employ a full-time, on-site IT professional. They may rely on the services of an external IT service provider. But sometimes, the business owner or one of the employees is responsible for ensuring that employees have the IT—hardware, software, and connectivity—necessary to do their jobs.

As such, SMBs are generally more receptive to flexible IT solutions as a way to both drive down costs and give employees more choice.

Here are some examples of some SMBs and their typical device usage, data collection, and potential risk exposure:

  • A bookkeeping business that has customers’ sensitive financial data on their mobile phones’ email apps
  • A retail store or a restaurant using two iPads as the POS terminals
  • A doctor’s office with both desktops and tablets accessing patients’ EMRs (electronic medical records)
  • A building maintenance company whose field operations staff use reliable, rugged devices with WiFi to send data back to the home office.
  • A small law firm whose lawyers and legal staff use document management software both in the office and on the go via tablets and smartphones


Keeping Things Easy and Manageable

We designed Miradore Online for fast and easy installation and management. It’s an easy solution for what might otherwise be complex management of smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops.

Businesses often prefer the self-service model, and MDM is no different. Configurations are intuitive, usually driven by setup wizards.

Miradore Online is cloud-based, so there is no need to purchase and manage on-premise servers. The Free MDM is available for an unlimited number of devices with no expiration; plans can easily be upgraded if additional features are needed.

Flexible licensing models allow companies to pay as they go—per device per month—with no minimums or long-term contracts.

This is especially attractive for SMBs, making it easy to get up and running quickly.

Managing Risks

Miradore Online helps ensure mobile device and data security as well as data compliance across the organization—regardless of its size.

Protect company data by separating business and personal apps, enforcing safe passcodes and screen locks, and allowing the platform to encrypt all confidential content.

MDM allows you to deploy a passcode policy so that passcode usage is not left for the employee to decide. The policy enforces the user to set a passcode that meets pre-determined complexity requirements (i.e., no ‘1234’).

MDM also reduces risk by acting as a type of insurance plan. Miradore Online’s Location Tracking feature helps businesses recover lost or stolen phones.

Phones can be recovered faster, reducing downtime and saving the company from having to re-purchase devices. Of course, the more expensive the phone, the greater the potential loss to the organization—though mitigated, with MDM.

Managing Costs and Staying Profitable

Miradore Online MDM is cost-effective: it is free for basic device management.

When additional features are needed, there is a small cost per device per month.

This allows your business to scale up—or down—as needed, without making large investments in on-premise servers or entering into annual contracts with device minimums.

Companies want employees to be as productive as possible, as this affects the bottom line. MDM prevents the loss of the ultimate, non-renewable resource: time.

The average time to setup a phone without MDM is 60 minutes; with MDM and enablers like Apple DEP and Android Zero-Touch Enrollment, the setup can be done in a fraction of the time.

Further on the time-saving benefits of MDM is the reduction of on-site visits or in-person meetings with the IT department or an IT service provider. The ability to remotely lock and wipe a device, reset a passcode, or deploy or remove apps saves countless hours in lost productivity and travel time.