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Mobile devices have been an incredible boon to both educators and students alike as they facilitate teaching and learning. However, IT professionals note that schools can be difficult or tricky to deal with due to complexity, the need to deploy multiple sites, and oftentimes, reduced or uncertain budgets. Miradore Mobile Device Management (MDM) can help you address these issues.

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Secure apps and data

With MDM, you can secure the school’s devices by enforcing passcodes, screen lock, and encryption. IT administrators can also prevent installation of apps and apply app configurations for full control over usage.

As a further security and insurance measure, MDM allows you to track the location of all devices. If they are lost or stolen, IT administrators can remotely wipe or lock the devices if necessary.

Speed deployment with automation

Miradore automatically installs apps and settings to new devices based on the users’ profiles. With the help of MDM enablers like Apple DEP or Android Zero-Touch Enrollment you can have apps and configurations easily set-up on any number of devices when the device is powered on for the first time right out of the box.

Additionally, the IT automation features of MDM are necessary in education environments, which due to strict session times, cannot tolerate disruptions. With MDM, the IT administrator can remotely reset a passcode, or deploy, update, or remove apps swiftly without the need for on-site or in-person visits.

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Cost-efficient and flexible

Miradore’s MDM licensing model is pay-as-you-go. This flexibility allows a school’s IT administrator to scale up or down as student enrollments fluctuate, leading to additional cost savings.

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