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Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find the most common questions about our software and billing.

If you have additional questions, you can always reach out to us.


What is Miradore?

Miradore is a cloud-based device management software (MDM/EMM/UEM) that enables you to manage Android, iOS, macOS, Windows devices.

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Which operating system version are supported in Miradore?

Miradore supports the following operating system platforms:

  • Android 6 and newer (the latest Android client is always available in Play Store and is also downloadable from here)
  • iOS 5 and newer
  • Apple macOS computers starting from version 10.7
  • Windows 7, 8, 10, and 11 computers
  • Miradore does not support the management of devices running Linux, ChromeOS, or any BETA version of an operating system

Does Miradore offer a free trial?

Yes. Miradore offers a 14-day free trial so you can try all the features of Miradore’s Premium+ subscription without the obligation to continue the subscription. No credit card information is required.

Premium+ plan features

How to start the trial?

Why is Miradore joining GoTo?

Miradore’s international footprint has grown rapidly in the last few years, and this was a logical move in our growth journey. Mobile Device Management (MDM) is a key element for companies that want to enable modern work habits that are not tied to a certain place or time. However, it is only one piece of the puzzle. Following the close of the deal and integration with GoTo, we will be able to tap into the global network of one of the world’s largest SaaS companies, allowing us to provide more powerful tools and integrations for customers.

Our goal at Miradore has always been to help small and mid-size businesses (SMBs) secure and manage their devices more efficiently, and ultimately enable companies to support modern work where employees can work flexibly anywhere and anytime – with the devices and tools they need.

GoTo’s vision and mission to be SMB’s one-stop-shop for IT needs fits perfectly with Miradore’s goal to save SMBs time and money with MDM. Together, we can provide more powerful tools for SMBs and deliver a stronger, more seamless IT management experience.

Miradore is committed to modernizing device management to work more efficiently and securely so that SMBs can grow their remote workforce while minimizing risk. We’re thrilled to share this vision with GoTo.

What do I need to know about GoTo?

GoTo is a leader in the flexible work and IT support space, and it has made a reputation for itself as an all-in-one business communications and IT support platform through its two flagship products:

  • GoTo Connect – Unified communications platform, including features such as meetings, cloud telephony, messaging, contact center capabilities, and more.
  • GoTo Resolve – IT support and management solution for accessing and monitoring all your devices, including tools such as remote access and support, multi-platform problem solving, conversational ticketing, and advanced zero trust security.

Will there be any change to my points of contact at Miradore?

No, customers should experience no changes to their points of contact. Customers will continue to be supported by the same sales representative(s) and can continue to contact our Support team through [email protected] or create a ticket in the product.

To create a ticket, please log in to your Miradore account and create a ticket by clicking “Contact Us” in the upper right corner.


What are the methods of payment? Can I pay annually?

You may pay with a credit card or by invoice.

Miradore accepts Visa and Mastercard (as well as American Express in North America) and the credit card payment is charged either monthly or annually.

If you prefer to pay by invoice, a standard 12-month contract period applies to the total number of devices that will be enrolled, and a minimum invoice value applies. The invoice can be paid by bank transfer or credit card payment via a secured link. If you wish to pay by invoice, please contact us.

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Can I change my subscription plan at any time?

Yes. If you choose to pay by credit card, you are only charged monthly based on the number of devices enrolled in the system and can change plans or cancel at any time. If you choose to pay by invoice, this also applies subject to the terms of your invoice period.

Does Miradore offer a discount for educational institutions or non-profit organizations?

Yes, Miradore offers a discount on the Premium Plan.

Please contact us for further information

Can I buy from a reseller?

The short answer is yes. Please contact Miradore for information about a reseller in your country.

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Who am I contracting with after January 1, 2023?

Existing Miradore customers will not see a change until your current contract is renewed. Upon renewal, Miradore customers will begin contracting directly with GoTo entities.

Beginning January 1, 2023, all new Miradore customers and users will contract directly with the applicable GoTo contracting entity. Miradore sales team members will be able to support customers with any existing quotes that may already be in progress at the time this change takes effect.

Will there be any immediate changes to my Miradore account or services?

No – Miradore users will continue to receive the same great Miradore product.

What changes should I expect to see on my invoice?

GoTo will be the name listed at the top of the invoice. The relevant GoTo contracting entity will be clearly listed on the top left corner of the invoice. Information regarding these contracting entities can be found under legal contracting entity page.

Invoices will also now be sent from the email address [email protected] (USA only) and [email protected] (for the rest of the world).

What will I see on my credit card statement on January 1, 2023?

On your credit card receipt, you will see the following changes:

  • The receipt is issued by GoTo instead of Miradore
  • The appearance of the receipt will be different

What actions will Miradore customers need to take?

Customers may need to adjust systems they use to manage vendor information and/or payment details. United States customers can use the W-9 form.

Additional GoTo vendor details by country can be accessed with the links below:


GoTo Canada


GoTo Australia

GoTo Ireland

GoTo Brazil

Does this change impact my current payment method options with Miradore?

Miradore customers will still have access to the same payment methods following this change. However, information such as company name, lockbox information, and banking details have changed.

See below for GoTo vendor details by country:


GoTo Canada


GoTo Australia

GoTo Ireland

GoTo Brazil

Device management

What is Android Enterprise?

Android Enterprise Solution, or simply Android Enterprise (previously known as Android for Work), provides additional management features and a secure company container for your Android devices. This unifies Android management by removing device manufacturer differences and offers the same management features for all Android devices.


  • Premium plan or trial
  • Miradore client 2.4.0 installed on the devices
  • Devices are running Android 5.0 or newer

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What is an Android “Work Managed Device”?

Also known as Device Owner, this is a corporate-liable deployment scenario where the enterprise or company owns and fully controls employee work devices. These deployments use the device owner mode of operation, in which the entire device is managed by installing Miradore client during the initial setup of a new device or after a factory reset. This provides the maximum level of management capability in Android devices.

Discover how to enroll work managed devices

What is an Android “Work Profile”?

This is an important solution for companies that support Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) scenarios – allowing the employees to bring personally-owned devices to work and to use those devices to access privileged company information and applications securely. The containerization of work content makes sure that business and personal content don’t mix.

Discover how to enable a work profile on Android

What is Apple DEP and VPP?

Apple’s Device Enrollment Program (DEP) and Volume Purchase Program (VPP) are part of Apple Business Manager and they help schools and businesses easily deploy and configure Apple devices and applications. Once registered, these programs help admins to simplify initial setup by automating mobile device management (MDM) enrollment and supervision of devices during setup, which enables you to configure your organization’s devices without touching them. Your supervised iOS devices combined with VPP provides a simple, scalable solution to find, buy, distribute, and manage your business applications.

About Apple DEP

About Apple VPP

Does Miradore support Apple’s DEP and VPP?

Yes! Please see the instructions below:

About Apple DEP

About Apple VPP

What is Apple Supervised Mode?

Supervision gives schools and businesses greater control over the iOS devices they own. With supervision, your administrator can apply extra restrictions like turning off AirDrop or preventing access to the App Store. It also provides additional device configurations and features, like silently updating apps or filtering web usage. By default, iOS devices aren’t supervised. Supervision can only be turned on when a new device is set up using Apple DEP or Apple Configurator.

How to enable Apple Supervised Mode for iOS

Additional questions?

If you would like to know more about our product, you can browse Knowledge Base where you find our technical documents and online community. You can also reach out to our support and sales at any time.

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