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Android > Device Enrollment (Adding Devices)

Android device management

Updated on December 7th, 2023

Miradore's Android device management capabilities utilize Android Enterprise, which is Google's modern framework for managing Android devices. Miradore is an official Google partner for Enterprise Mobility Management. You can enroll in Android 6.0 and newer devices to Miradore.

Android management methods

Miradore supports two modes for controlling Android devices through Android Enterprise. You can choose either one of the device management modes when you enroll device(s) in Miradore. Here are a few considerations to help you choose the best mode for your needs.

Work profile (a.k.a. Profile owner) mode enables you to secure company data on a personal (employee-owned) device without risking the user's privacy. The work profile is a container, which isolates work data and apps from personal use on an Android device.

This management method is the best choice for Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) scenarios where employees or contractors are allowed to use their personal devices for working and accessing your organization's resources. This management method does not require you to factory reset devices.

If users want to avoid work interruptions during weekends or vacations, they can temporarily disable the work profile through device settings.

Learn to manage devices using the work profile:
How to enable a work profile on an Android device

Fully managed device (a.k.a. Device owner) mode is intended for managing devices owned by your company/organization. This management method gives IT administrators control over extended device settings and additional controls that are not available when controlling devices using the Work profile.

Device users cannot remove the management from fully managed devices directly, but the users can perform a factory reset, which removes the management. In order to prevent this scenario, you can deploy a configuration profile from Miradore which denies the factory reset from the device users.

Please note that this management method requires you to factory reset the devices during enrollment.

Learn to manage individual devices using the Fully managed device mode:
Enroll an Android device in fully managed device mode using NFC
Enroll an Android device in fully managed device mode using the QR code
Enroll an Android device in fully managed device mode using a token

Learn how to automate the enrollment and configuration of devices for larger device deployments:
Google Zero-touch enrollment
Samsung Knox Mobile Enrollment

Fully managed with work profile (a.k.a. Android COPE) is the best option for managing devices that are owned by your organization and used for both work and private use. This mode gives companies and device users all the benefits of the work profile with an added layer of security. IT can enforce a wide range of company policies on the entire device, while device users can rest assured that their data, like installed applications, stay private.

In addition to having full control over the work profile, the Fully managed with work profile mode gives companies access to the majority of security features provided in the Fully managed mode.

From Miradore Android client 2.10.0, the Fully managed with work profile devices support the Zero touch and Knox Mobile Enrollment (KME) enrollment options.

Learn more how to manage company-owned devices with a work profile.

Supported features by management method

Feature / Management method    Work profile   Fully managed device   Fully managed with work profile device
Block users' access to consumer Play Store - Yes -
Control which apps are available to users in managed Google Play store Yes Yes Yes
Configure managed applications remotely Yes Yes Yes
Configure always on VPN remotely Yes Yes Yes
Configure device encryption remotely - Yes -
Configure passcode requirements Yes Yes Yes
Configure Wi-Fi settings Yes Yes Yes
Deny screen captures Yes Yes Yes
Deny the use of a camera - Yes -
Deny Ultra-wideband communication - Yes -
Deploy apps silently Yes Yes Yes
Deploy contact information Yes Yes Yes
Deploy certificates to the devices Yes Yes Yes
Deploy files to the devices Yes Yes Yes
Deploy wallpaper Yes Yes Yes
Lock devices in specified app(s) with kiosk mode - Yes -
Perform remote wipe for the profile/entire device Yes Yes Yes
Prevent data roaming - Yes -
Prevent file transfer over USB - Yes -
Prevent the use of text messaging (SMS) - Yes -
Prevent users from performing a factory reset - Yes -
Prevent users from mounting external media to the device - Yes -
Prevent Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or tethering configuration - Yes -
Set up devices automatically using Android Zero-touch - Yes Yes
Supports Samsung Knox Mobile Enrollment - Yes Yes


Important information

Work profile and many advanced management features of Fully managed device mode require Premium subscription of Miradore.

Some management features can be enabled by configuring a free managed Google Play Enterprise account for your organization.

Miradore does not support any prerelease or beta versions of Android.

There can be variance between device manufacturers and Android versions in what management features are supported for managing an Android device. The rule of thumb is that the latest Android versions support the widest possibilities for remote device management. If you haven't yet purchased devices or if you are not sure whether your devices support Android Enterprise, you can check the list of Android Enterprise Recommended devices validated by Google. If you cannot find your device from the list, we have also created a guide that helps you test whether your devices support the enterprise management features.

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