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Miradore client for Android

Updated on September 30th, 2022

Miradore Client for Android is an app used together with Miradore MDM solution. In other words, managing Android devices remotely with Miradore requires client installation. This article explains shortly the default settings of the Miradore Client.

You can access the settings by opening the Client. Under normal circumstances, there is no reason to adjust the settings. You are able to modify the restriction settings in case the device gets in a deactivated state. Please note that the user needs to have a security code provided by the administrator to disable the restriction.

Miradore Client for Android


Client settings

Max query interval: How often the Client contacts the connected Miradore site.
Inventory interval: How often Miradore Client collects and sends inventory data about the device to the connected Miradore site.
Logging level: The level of logging, how much information is gathered. Helps when troubleshooting a technical issue.
Server connections allowed while roaming: Enables Miradore Client's connections to Miradore site while roaming.

Client status

Disable kiosk mode: Disabling Samsung's Kiosk mode requires the security code provided by the administrator.
Disable restrictions: Disabling any restriction set on the device requires the security code provided by the administrator.
Site identifier: This identifies the customer's Miradore site.
Client GUID: Unique identifier of the Client.
Send client logs to Miradore: This can be used when logs are requested by Miradore Support for troubleshooting.
View logs: Access the Miradore Client logs.

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