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Allowing application installation and configuring user access to the managed Google Play

Updated on October 4th, 2022

With Miradore, administrators can control what managed Google Play applications are available for devices and their users. This article shows how to allow app installations for the organization's devices and configure user access to managed Google Play in Miradore.


How to allow managed Google Play application installation?

Administrators can control, which managed Google Play applications users can access and install with their devices. The administrator can allow installations for a device and the managed Google Play store layout shows only the applications available for the signed-in user. As an administrator, you can define the allowed applications with Miradore from:

  • Applications list (Management > Applications) under Managed Google Play -dropdown
  • Application version page (Management > Applications > Application > Managed Google Play store version) under Actions-dropdown
  • Devices list (Management > Devices) or Device page (Management > Devices > Device) under Managed Google Play -dropdown and the action Allow managed Google Play application installation

This article shows how to allow application installations from the Applications list and Devices lists.

Applications list

1. Navigate to Management > Applications and select the desired Managed Google Play application(s). Choose the Allow application installation -action from the Managed Google Play -dropdown.

Allow managed Android application installation_applications

2. Select the devices where their users can install the application.

Select the devices to install the managed Google Play app

Devices list

1. Go to Management > Devices and select the device(s) that are allowed to install the managed Google Play application(s). Then choose the action Allow managed Google Play installation under the Managed Google Play -dropdown.

2. Choose the application(s) you want to allow for the device(s).

Select managed Google Play application allowed to install

Follow the instructions to complete the installation allowance.

How to see the allowed applications for devices?

You can see what devices can access certain managed Google Play applications from the Application version page and the Device page.

  1. On the Application version page, go to the Allowed devices tab.

Application page Allowed devices tab

2. On the Device page, go to the Managed Google Play tab.

Device page Managed Google Play tab

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