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Managed configurations for Android apps

Updated on October 4th, 2022

This article describes how you can create and deploy managed configurations for managed Google Play applications using Miradore.

Miradore does not currently support the configuration of the apps deployed using an APK file or the public Play Store.


Important information

  • On Android, the configuration of app settings is only supported for managed Google Play apps.
  • Managed Google Play apps can be deployed to devices that are managed with Android Enterprise's Fully Managed Device mode or Work Profile mode.
  • You can manage app configurations at the Configurations tab of the Application page.
  • Miradore lets you add multiple configurations for one app. This allows you to define separate settings for separate purposes or users.
  • All apps do not support remote configuration through an MDM or EMM. Refer to the software vendor's documentation for the app configuration keys.

Examples of how to use the managed app configurations

How-to instructions for defining managed app configurations

1. Navigate to Management > Applications to see available applications.

2. Open up any of the managed Google Play applications.

3. Go to the Configurations tab of the Application page, and click Select configuration > Add configuration. An empty text box appears. Enter a name for the managed app configuration into the text box.

Adding managed app configuration for Gmail.

4. Afterwards you will see the list of configuration keys supported by the app. Hover your mouse over the info icon to learn more about the configuration keys.

Define configurations keys for the managed app config.
5. Click the plus button from the rightmost end of the row to define a configuration key. Refer to the application developer's documentation for more information about the configuration keys.

Please note that some of the settings can be user-specific, such as email addresses, passwords, and user names. If you want, you can use a variable for setting the configuration keys.

Add managed property to application configuration.

  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

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