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Deploying Certificates to Android devices

Updated on September 16th, 2020

This article describes how to deploy certificates to managed Android devices with Miradore. It explains the requirements for deploying certificates and how first to upload the certificates to Miradore and then deploy these to your managed Android devices.


  • Enterprise plan subscription or trial.
  • Miradore Client version 2.8.4 or above.
  • Devices must be enrolled for Device owner or Profile owner mode.
  • Certificate deployment is supported for Android devices version 5 and above.
  • Please note that apps don’t automatically trust self-deployed CA certificates on Androids version 7 and above. Read more about this from here.

Upload a new certificate to Miradore

To upload the certificate to Miradore:

  1. Go to Management > Files and certificates and choose the tab Certificates.

Upload Certificate to Miradore

Choose the action Add to open the wizard. If the certificate has a private key, completing the certificate upload requires entering the password.

How to deploy certificate to Android devices

You may deploy certificates from few places in Miradore:

  • Device list in Managemet > Devices
  • Device page accessed from Management > Devices
  • Certificate page in Management > Files and certificates – Certificates

Here is an example how you may deploy certificates for several devices at once:

  1. Go to Management > Devices.

Certificate installation for Android devices

2. Select the devices to which you want to deploy the certificate and choose Deploy certificate action under the dropdown button Deploy.

3. To complete the certificate deployment, follow the instructions of the wizard.

Good to know

You may monitor the status of the certificate deployment from Management > Action log and the Deployments tab of the Certificate page. From the Device page, you can find the Certificates table that shows certificates installed on the device. You may also undeploy the certificate from there by clicking the trash icon.

Certificates table on Device page main tab

In case you want to automate the certificate deployment, you can use Miradore Business policies.

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