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Windows > Device Enrollment (Adding Devices)

Enrolling Devices Using Azure AD

Updated on July 15th, 2021


You can automatically enroll Windows 10 devices to Miradore when they are joined to Azure AD or Azure AD workplace account is added to the device.

Azure AD enrollment


You must have Azure AD enrollment configured on your Miradore site.

Users must have Azure AD Premium license assigned to enable this feature.

Join computer in Azure AD domain or add workplace account in Settings - Accounts - Access work of school and click on + button.

If the computer is running Windows 10 version 1709 (Fall creators update), the user must select "Join this device to Azure Active Directory" link. Older versions can just proceed with entering username.


Enter Azure AD username (email address) in the "Set up a work or school account" screen.


Enter password on next screen and click Sign in. If this was a newly created user, password change is requested in the next step.


User will be shown the Terms of use page. If they are joining the device to domain and the admin has configured MDM enrollment, users can't decline it. If they are adding a work account, this step can be declined, as shown below (Decline button visible).


After the device has been joined to Azure AD (or work account has been added), information is shown in the main Access work or school window.

Domain joined computer


Work account added


Enrollment status can be tracked on the Enrollment page. Type column (initially hidden) shows Azure AD as type. User will be created automatically if it doesn't exist yet in Miradore.


Good to know about device unenrollment

If you unenroll a device, which was enrolled in Miradore like described in this article, the device will be removed from the Azure AD domain as part of the unenrollment.

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