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Introducing the MSP Portal for Miradore

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Users who work with more than one Miradore site are now able to manage all of their sites from a single page: the MSP (Managed Service Provider) Portal.

Via a single login, you will experience faster onboarding of new sites, more efficient management of multitenant environments, and centralized user permission management.

The MSP Portal was formally launched November 15 at the Miradore Summit, our annual user conference.

We developed this feature for IT service providers, who in the past had often found themselves having to log off and then log back in to various Miradore instances they were managing for different clients. The MSP Portal largely does away with this inefficient process.

“Who likes to add value to their company?” asked Cassandra Saikkonen, Regional Account Manager for Miradore, as the opening question of her presentation of the MSP Portal at the Miradore Summit. “And who likes to save time?”

8 key benefits of the MSP Portal

1. Better Visibility

With an overview of your sites, you can see how many sites you have under management, how many devices you have underneath each site, the subscription plan, and even payment method for each. We have created Quick Reports that show the platforms of your devices and the status of each. As such, you can react more quickly to any issues, increasing your customers’ satisfaction.

2. Easier to Navigate

You can move quickly from site to site. We have created an Easy Access button that takes you straight to the site, without wasting your time having to log off and then log back in.

3. Onboarding New Customers

Onboarding is much easier because you can have configuration templates already prepared for each customer. With just a few clicks, you can easily import your new sites into the MSP Portal and if you need to delete it, there’s the Easy Access button, with no hassle.

4. Easier Configurations Management

Configurations and services needed are easier to repeat and scale, which is much less time-consuming. There is no need to do this one by one; you can also export configuration profiles from site to site.

5. Centralized User Management

You can control the sites permissions view. Since you have an overview of your sites, you can see the name, email, role, and last login for all sites. This is more transparent, and we have increased security measures. For example, if an employee has left a company but you can see that he or she still has an Admin role, you can click on the Easy Access button, go right to the site, and remove that permission.

6. Multitenancy

This has been a buzzword for quite some time. While you have always been able to manage multiple sites in Miradore, we’ve never given you the opportunity to see them all under one roof – until now.

7. Reduces Manual Work

With this tool, it’s easier to configure and manage sites. We’ve made it easier, with the Quick Reports view and the Easy Access button that takes you to any site you like – and there’s no time wasted logging off and logging back in – avoiding human error.

8. Time and Money Savings

All of the 7 features combined lead to the most important target of all: time and money savings. If time is money, then saving time means saving money.


MSP Portal Benefits


“Our commitment is to provide you with the tools to succeed,” explains Saikkonen. “It is with the creation of tools like this that we are making a contribution for our customers to increase their customer satisfaction, increase their productivity, and acquire new business.”

The MSP Portal is available at no additional cost when you have at least one Enterprise subscription. If you’re an IT Service Provider and you’d like to start implementing the MSP Portal for your customers, please contact us today.

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