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Customer Stories

Addcom IT helps a school take control of their iPads

Education, IT Service Provider
United Kingdom

A need to control a fleet of iPads and other tablets

Recently, Addcom IT needed to solve a school’s difficulties with managing an unruly fleet of around 70 iPads and other tablets. Simply put, the school’s IT department was running out of time with tasks from on-boarding new devices to keeping all relevant apps installed. As a result, the Addcom IT Technical team suggested a solution that was affordable and easy to use.

Remote administration saves time

The team at Addcom IT suggested Miradore as a prime candidate, with the service’s user-friendly interface being an immediate positive point. They decided to present Miradore to the school’s staff: “The ICT coordinator became very impressed with the solution as it offers them an easy to use web portal. Sending apps to iPads is completed in a few clicks instead of downloading manually onto each iPad. This also means devices are not missed when apps need to be installed.”

Compared to other options available, Addcom IT saw the potential for substantial savings in Miradore’s educational license discount, full-fledged feature list, and service-based delivery. Removing the need for self-hosted hardware or software was a must.

“The educational discount makes Miradore an obvious choice. The time savings this offers the school and us (as the IT administrators) is an instant advantage to using the cloud-based management solution.”

A powerful addition to Addcom IT’s service palette

For Addcom IT, an affordable, powerful solution is a welcome addition to the palette of services to offer customers in need. Based on their experience, Addcom IT would recommend Miradore to others with no hesitation.

“We plan to recommend this product to more of our customers and use it as another solution to provide to our current and potential customers. So many schools and businesses have mobile devices/tablets yet don’t have a method to properly manage and track them.”

Addcom IT

Addcom IT provides specialist services and support to the business and education sectors. The company focuses on customer satisfaction, while helping schools and businesses reach their objectives through reliable, top quality and professional IT services and support.