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New, extended software distribution capabilities in Miradore

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Miradore’s new, extended software distribution features strengthen our existing app management capabilities for Windows and macOS.

IT administrators can now more easily install applications to multiple devices remotely, enabling them to get the software into the hands of device users and giving employees easier access to important apps.

Notably, these changes allow for the following:

  • Windows: Any application can be installed on Windows devices, regardless of the installer format. Furthermore, automation of software installations through business policies will soon be available for Windows.
  • macOS: In addition to iOS, Miradore now also supports software distribution for macOS through Apple Business Manager's Volume Purchase Program (VPP).

Miradore continues to provide software distribution for Android as well.

Higher Productivity, Increased Security

Distributing software to devices through Miradore enables IT administrators to work more efficiently while increasing the security of the devices under management.

  • Save time by deploying the right applications to multiple devices at the same time, requiring less manual work.
  • Gain full control over software installations and protect your devices from unwanted apps.
  • Increase employees’ productivity, as applications can be installed and configured on their devices remotely.

Software distribution capabilities are available in Miradore's Enterprise plan. Devices using all major operating systems—Windows, Android, macOS, and iOS—are supported. 

Administrators can install and configure applications remotely without having to hand over admin rights to device users. Not only does this protect the device from unwanted apps, but employees do not need to configure the apps once they are sent to the device. This increases employee productivity and satisfaction.

Commitment to UEM

As an upgrade to Miradore, these extended software distribution capabilities are an important part of a full Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) solution, to which we are committed to working continuously to offer our customers. Having a PC software distribution capability as part of a UEM solution may also remove the dependency from other software deployment tools. 

According to TechTarget, the most-read articles in their SearchMobileComputing channel in 2019 made it clear that companies are looking to reap the productivity benefits of smartphones, tablets, and laptops in the organization—while avoiding the inevitable security problems. With UEM, Miradore helps companies of all sizes extract more value from all of their devices under management.

Additional information about Miradore's new software distribution features can be found here.

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