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Expanding Miradore’s Android management options to support COPE

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An increasing number of companies are allowing their employees to use corporate-owned mobile devices for both private and business use. While this increases flexibility, it can also raise security and privacy concerns. Luckily, you can now easily manage these types of devices with our new management mode, fully managed with work profile.

Device user privacy meets security

Being able to use the same mobile device for both work and private use has become a common practice in many organizations. However, to ensure device and data security, these Android COPE (corporate-owned, personally enabled) devices need to be adequately managed.

Our new Android management method, the Fully managed with work profile, gives companies and device users all the benefits of the Work profile mode with an added layer of security. IT can enforce a wide range of company policies on the entire device while device users can rest assured that their personal data, like installed applications, stay private.

Access to the majority of security features

In addition to having full control over the work profile, the Fully managed with work profile mode gives companies access to the majority of security features available in the Fully managed mode. IT admins can, for example:

  • Enforce password requirements for both the device and the work profile
  • Lock/wipe the entire device or just the work profile
  • Deny camera and screen capturing

The Fully managed with work profile mode is supported for Android 11 onwards, and it follows the latest security, privacy, and management settings enforced by Google. The new mode is available in Miradore’s Premium subscription plan.

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