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Major improvements to Miradore’s application management capabilities

Application management is an important aspect of efficient Enterprise Mobility Management and one of the most used features in Miradore. This year, we are planning on introducing multiple improvements to make application management even smoother.

Today, we are happy to announce that we have released the first round of app management improvements that enable you to have more control over applications. From now on, you can manage application versions more seamlessly and set various configurations for a single application.

The following improvements are now available in Miradore:

  • Better control over application versions: Different application versions are no longer handled as separate applications, which makes updating applications more straightforward. This is a significant change as it enables you to upgrade custom in-house applications remotely. In addition, you can now see the different versions and deployment methods conveniently in one place, on the Application page.
  • Possibility to define multiple app configurations: You can now define multiple configurations for applications deployed through Miradore. This enables you to deploy the same application with different settings for different users.
  • Automated app version and configuration deployment: You can deploy different app versions and configurations to different devices automatically with Business Policies.
  • Easier Business Policy management: If you’re using Business Policies to automate app installations and device configurations, you can now update Business Policies more easily by disabling and enabling those. You can take advantage of this feature when building new policies, making changes to the existing policies, or when troubleshooting issues with the policies.

Application page shows all versions of the application

New Application page view

All of the above-mentioned improvements are available in Miradore's Premium plan. You can find more information on these improvements and supported platforms in our Release Notes.

This spring, we will release even more app management improvements, including the automation of store application updates (Google Play, Managed Google Play, Apple VPP) and the possibility to define dependencies between Business Policy items. We will also improve the overall usability of the feature. We will keep you posted when these improvements are live.

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