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Tackling the Most Common Challenges with Windows and macOS Management

2 min read

Andreas Handler

The increasing decentralization of employees, whether in the home office or in the field, poses far-reaching challenges for companies. Companies have to not only ensure cybersecurity but also make sure that employees can work efficiently.

We have helped organizations from various industries to address these challenges with Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) that allows them to manage all of their devices (Android, iOS, Windows, macOS) remotely from a single platform.

Here are a few tips for overcoming the most common PC management challenges.

3 common challenges with Windows and macOS device management

  • Work efficiency: Employees can work efficiently only when they have all the necessary applications installed on their system.
  • Device and data security: When working outside the office, devices often connect directly to the Internet without the protection of modern "next-gen firewalls", which poses a risk for cybersecurity.
  • Data connections: In order to exchange data with colleagues, customers, or suppliers, a proper data connection must be ensured.

How can UEM help tackle these challenges?

  1. You can install updates and patches on your Windows computer - not only for the operating system but also for applications from 120 other software suppliers
  2. You can install necessary applications on the end-devices, such as apps for video conferencing (you can use tags to help distribute apps based on different roles)
  3. You can check the status of your antivirus solution and firewall as well as the availability of local storage
  4. You can take care of special requirements like the update to a new Office version by executing commands via CMD and Powershell
  5. You can configure WLAN and the Mail for Exchange application on Windows computers
  6. You can track the data consumption of fully managed Android devices (device owners), which are also often used as hotspots in the home office, to make sure that no additional costs arise
  7. You can create company-specific MSI packages (with tools such as Advanced MSI) with links and files for the employees in the home office and distribute them to all end devices

With Miradore, the management of decentralized devices becomes much easier when you can manage devices remotely from a single portal. If you need help with managing your Windows and macOS devices, don't hesitate to reach out to us.

Andreas Handler Author background

by Andreas Handler

Andreas works as a Senior Technical Consultant and Business Development Manager at Miradore. He's been part of the Miradore family since 2015 and he's passionate about providing value to organizations by showing them how to increase efficiency with Mobile Device Management.