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Freemium, All-In-One Device Management from the Cloud

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With Miradore expanding into Unified Endpoint Management, Miradore will deliver easy, cost-efficient, and centralized device management from the cloud. The unified platform will manage not only smartphones, tablets, and PCs, but also AR, VR, IoT devices, and wearables, which are making inroads into the digital workplace of today.

Miradore, a provider of Mobile Device Management (MDM) and Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) capabilities via its cloud-based solution, is carrying out the company’s mission of providing seamless Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) to its customers.

UEM refers to a new class of tools that can act as a single management interface for mobile, PC and other devices. According to technology industry analyst firm Gartner, infrastructure and operations leaders should expect and plan to replace enterprise mobility management and client management tools with UEM to support modern operating systems.

"We are creating demand in a totally new customer segment, moving manual management with spreadsheets to management via console with dashboards, reports, and analytics – all with a freemium model," says Simo Salmensuu, CEO of Miradore.

The way PCs have been managed is changing: more and more companies are searching for an easy, cost-efficient solution that reduces silos and allows for centralized management so companies can concentrate on their actual work, notes Salmensuu.

Responding to the Needs of a Changing Market

The market has evolved, with an increasing need for simple, centralized, all-in-one device management from the cloud. UEM also helps with the quickening pace of platform and software updates, enabling businesses to scale.

Miradore is responding to this need, continuing to deliver innovations to IT professionals while dramatically cutting costs, enhancing security, and increasing productivity with IT automation. Miradore will offer a unified platform for managing not only smartphones, tablets, and PCs, but also AR, VR, IoT devices, and wearables, which are making inroads into the digital workplace of today.

600 Years of Experience in PC and IT Service Management

Miradore is not new to managing endpoints. The highly-specialized company holds almost 600 combined years of experience in PC and IT service management; Miradore maintains a long history of delivering IT Systems management software for companies with an innovative approach to workplace solutions.

"We thank our customers for their visionary approach to IT asset management and for placing their trust in us," explains Salmensuu. "The high number of satisfied customers is proof of our ability to deliver premium, quality software and customer support."

Miradore’s first product to be launched was Miradore Management Suite, a solution for managing processes for diverse IT environments. As Miradore Management Suite has enterprise level capabilities, Miradore’s intent is to make the most important of these features within reach of small- and medium-sized businesses via its Miradore cloud solution.

"We’ve incorporated these field-proven features into Miradore," adds Salmensuu. "We’re proud of our work in developing Miradore Management Suite and are pleased to offer the most appreciated features to customers of our cloud-based product."

The company’s product portfolio – Miradore and Miradore Management Suite – continues to be the same.

Unique Model Eases Adoption

Sophisticated endpoint management need not only be the purview of large enterprises. Miradore has a unique freemium model to get companies – mostly small-and medium-sized businesses, started faster and more easily than with any other product in the UEM market, pushing boundaries and challenging other providers that only focus on large enterprises.

Miradore is proud to have been named an Innovator in UEM by technology industry research firm IDC.


Contacts and further information

Simo Salmensuu, CEO, [email protected], + 358 50 3863260

Ville Kinnunen, Product Director, [email protected]

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