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iOS > Device Enrollment (Adding Devices)

Supervised Mode for iOS devices

Updated on May 4th, 2021

This article explains what iOS Supervised mode is, why you should supervise your devices, and how to do it. Supervision is a special mode that helps schools and businesses to manage better their iOS devices giving administrators better control over the device's configuration and restrictions. By default, iOS devices aren't supervised.

Why to supervise your devices

Supervised mode enables the extra features for devices owned by the organization or institution. With supervision, you can deny and bypass the Activation Lock, set the device into Kiosk mode, and turn on the Lost mode, among other configurations and restrictions.

Find out more about how to supervise your device from our Knowledge base :

How to set iOS device into Supervised mode

The device isn't in Supervise mode by default, so it must be defined when setting up a new or factory reset device.

In case you are using Apple Business/School Manager (DEP) for deploying your devices, you can set the Supervised mode for the device while enrolling them in Miradore.

If you are not using Apple Business/School Manager, you may supervise your devices:

Good to know

In Miradore, you may see which devices are in Supervised mode from Management > Devices page.

Device page and supervised management type

You can find out what configurations require supervision from Management > Configuration profile and also when you add a new configuration with the wizard.

iOS device configurations

If you need to remove the Supervised mode from the device, please see the instructions from our Knowledge base article.



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