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macOS > Device Enrollment (Adding Devices)

macOS device management

Updated on April 26th, 2024

Miradore supports the management of macOS devices from version 10.7 onwards. Notice however that we do not support prerelease or beta versions of macOS.

This article provides information about different enrollment methods and management features, which Miradore supports for macOS devices.

In order to start managing your Apple devices in Miradore, you need to take the Apple Push Notification service into use. This service is used for secure communication between Miradore and managed Apple devices. Read more about the Apple Push Notification service from our Knowledge Base or watch the video below.

YouTube video

Enrollment methods

Admin may use different methods to enroll macOS devices to Miradore.

  • Apple's Automated Device Enrollment feature is the preferred enrollment method for enrolling Macs that your organization owns and has associated with the organization's Apple Business/School Manager account. This method is available for macOS devices from version 10.9 onwards, and it allows one to manage devices in the Supervised mode.
  • Manual enrollment using an MDM Profile is a very easy enrollment method for adding devices in Miradore one by one. This management method is suitable for managing personally-owned devices that cannot be added to the organization's Apple Business or School Manager account.

Supported management features for macOS devices

You may also utilize Miradore's business policies to automate the deployment of the configuration profiles to your macOS devices.

Additional information:

Apple Business manager (Apple's user guide)

Apple School manager (Apple's user guide)

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