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macOS > Device Enrollment (Adding Devices)

Manual macOS Device Enrollment

Updated on November 11th, 2020

This article describes how macOS devices can be enrolled in Miradore by downloading and installing Miradore’s MDM Profile to the devices.

This enrollment method is intended for enrolling non-DEP associated Macs and devices that are already in use. This enrollment method does not require the devices to be reset during the enrollment. Device users with admin privileges can remove the MDM profile from manually enrolled non-DEP-associated macs if they wish to do so.

How Manual Enrollment Differs from the DEP Enrollment?

Apple DEP-enrollment is preferred in most organizations for enrolling company-owned, DEP-associated devices because it enables more management capabilities and prevents the removal of the MDM profile from the device.


  • Apple Push Notification service needs to be configured using a valid Apple Push Certificate on your Miradore site
  • Administrator or Editor rights are needed in Miradore to start the enrollment
  • The one performing the enrollment needs physical access to the device(s)
  • The one performing the enrollment needs administrator access on the device(s)
  • Miradore supports the management of Macs running macOS 10.7 or later
  • The device needs to be network-connected

How to Enroll One macOS Device

The easiest way to enroll a macOS device in Miradore is by using the guided wizard which can be found from the Enrollment > Enroll device page.

Device enrollment wizard in Miradore

In this wizard, you are asked to select the device platform and enter the email address or phone number of the device user.

Entering users contact information for device enrollment

After that, you can complete the enrollment by following the instructions provided on the next screen (see image below) or on the email/SMS message.

Enrollment instructions

How to Enroll Multiple macOS Devices

  1. In Miradore, go to the Company > Users page. Make sure that you have listed here all users whose devices you want to enroll in Miradore. If user information is missing, see Adding users and add the users.
  2. Then select the users whose devices you want to enroll in Miradore and choose Enrollment > Send enrollment message.Sending an enrollment message
  3. Follow the wizard to send the enrollment message. You will be provided an opportunity to customize the message and attach tags to the devices during the enrollment.
  4. The users will then receive an email with instructions for completing the enrollment.

    See Enrollment Instructions for Mac Users for more details.

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