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macOS > Device Data & Configuration

Collected macOS inventory

Updated on October 10th, 2022

This article lists all inventory information collected from Apple macOS devices. To familiarize yourself with device inventory, see About device inventory.

Class Attributes
Available updates Product key, Name, Version, Download size
Certificates Common name, Valid to, Thumbprint
Device Device name, Manufacturer, Product name, Software version, Firmware version, Storage (free/total), Serial number, UDID, Ethernet MAC address, Wi-Fi MAC address, Bluetooth MAC address, Store account drive, Store account identifier, Do not disturb active, Device type, EAS identifier, IP address, Local host name, Host name, System integrity protection enabled, Language
Firewall rules Identifier, Name, Allowed
Firewall settings Firewall status, Block all incoming connections, Stealth mode
Firmware password Password exists, Change pending, Option ROMs enabled
Installed applications Name, Version, Identifier, Size
OS update settings Auto check enabled, Automatic application installation enabled, Automatic OS installation enabled, Automatic security updates enabled, Background download enabled, Catalog URL, Is default catalog, Perform periodic check, Previous scan date, Previous scan result
Profiles Name, Description, Identifier
Security Full disk encryption, Personal recovery key, Institutional recovery key, Personal recovery device key, System integrity protection, Enrolled via DEP, User approved enrollment

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