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Helping your healthcare organization go mobile

Mobile Device Management (MDM) provides healthcare organizations with the ability to secure and manage their devices, and secure patient information from a single portal. And what's most important: to go mobile.

Getting started with Miradore is always free but for a limited time, all new healthcare customers are entitled to a 50% discount on Miradore's Enterprise plan.

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MDM is helping healthcare organizations to go mobile

Mobile devices are becoming an integral part of data collection in hospitals and care facilities. Most of our healthcare customers are using tablets to perform nurse to patient analysis, but the recent crisis has expanded the use of tablets to allow patients to communicate directly with their loved ones.

With Mobile Device Management (MDM), hospitals and care facilities can go mobile in a simple and cost-efficient way while ensuring their commitment to data protection and compliance with the industry regulations, such as HIPAA. And most importantly, healthcare professionals can focus on delivering quality care, without having to worry about their device’s apps, settings, or connectivity.

5 reasons to acquire MDM

  1. Quick device enrollment: You can set up devices “hands-free” with no involvement from employees, ensuring that devices are immediately ready for use.
  2. Restrictions for device usage: You can blacklist possibly harmful applications and deny the user from making a factory reset or changing the device settings or password.
  3. Remote application installation: You can make sure that all mobile devices have essential applications installed by deploying apps remotely.
  4. Unified device settings: You can easily determine which settings, apps, and restrictions should be installed on all devices, and deploy as bulk policies.
  5. Ability to lock and wipe a device: In case a device is lost or stolen, you can easily lock and wipe the device, and reset the passcode remotely.

Start managing your devices today

When you sign up for Miradore today, your healthcare organization can use Miradore’s Enterprise plan for 3 months with a 50% discount*.

If you are interested in learning more about Miradore, fill in the form below and we will contact you shortly.

Filling in the form does not require you to sign up for the Enterprise plan.

*The offer is for new sites only, for a limited time. The amount to be invoiced is based on the number of devices registered in Miradore. The discount will be offered for a 3-month period and can be paid monthly by credit card, or by invoice in accordance with Miradore’s minimum invoice requirements. After the 3-month period, the subscription continues as an Enterprise plan at the respective license price. Subscriptions can be cancelled as per the standard cancellation terms in Miradore’s terms of service. Miradore reserves the right, at its sole discretion and without notice, to modify or terminate this offer. Miradore reserves the right to verify any and all requests to ensure validity with the terms and conditions. By submitting a request in relation to this offer, you agree to these terms and conditions, and authorize Miradore personnel to contact you.

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