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Management for company-owned personally enabled (COPE) Android devices

Updated on March 27th, 2023

The latest release implements a new management mode, Fully managed with work profile for corporate-owned Android devices that enables the separation of personal and business apps and data while maintaining management features for the whole device. Additionally, the release includes several notable improvements and fixes, including a solution for the wipe issue of macOS devices, among others.

Enroll an Android device as Fully managed with a work profile

You can now manage Android devices with a new mode that enables the device configuration for both business and personal use. By enrolling these COPE devices in Fully managed with work profile -mode, you can enable the work profile on the company-owned device. This mode allows the organization can enforce a wide range of company policies on the entire device while implementing the work profile and enabling device users to rest assured that their data, like installed applications, stay private.

enroll Android device management mode


Find out more on how to manage company-owned and personally enabled devices in Miradore.

Improvements for Macs

MacOS wipe

This release implements a solution for the Mac wipe issues.

Previously when wiping a Mac, the wipe PIN was generated. The PIN is for taking the device in use again after the reset. The wipe PIN is now deprecated for the devices that:

  • has Apple Silicon Mac

  • has Intel CPU AND T2 security chip

Depending on the device's macOS version and hardware support, the wipe process differentiates. Roughly, with older Macs, wiping all the user data and apps also requires the reinstalling of macOS. The wipe PIN is also generated for these devices. The devices with newer macOS versions, which are running on Apple silicon or are Intel-based with a T2 chip, are performing an Erase all Content and Settings. This means that the content and settings are wiped without the need to fully reinstall the whole device.

Learn more about wipe for Macs.

Bootstrap token

The bootstrap token for Macs is now supported.

The bootstrap token is an authentication pattern that is created for a supervised device running macOS 10.15 or later when it is enrolled. The token is used to grant a secure token to the user logged in to the device and performing certain operations on a device. For example, the wipe for devices with the bootstrap token is processed as Erase all Content and Settings without a requirement to reinstall the macOS. You can check if the bootstrap token is escrowed on the MDM server from the Device page (Management > Devices > Device). If the device is enrolled before the update, the bootstrap token is generated when the end user logs in next time.Bootstrap token for the device created

Read more about the secure token and the bootstrap token from Apple's documentation.

Additional updates

  • Solution for the issue causing Macs to reboot without a warning
  • Fixed the enrollment issue with the mass enrollment using custom configuration files on the devices running Android 11 or above
  • Improved the error logging of Windows enrollment
  • Support for Windows OS versions with Cyrillic alphabets