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Remote support

Updated on March 26th, 2024

What is Remote support?

With Remote support, you can help users with their issues by viewing or controlling their Windows, Android, iOS, or macOS devices. Miradore integrates with GoTo Resolve’s Remote support tool providing its most essential features.

The Miradore Remote support feature provides Instant sessions: this means that to initiate and maintain these attended sessions, someone needs to be present at the device accessed for the support.

As an admin or editor, you can initiate the instant support session from Miradore and act as an agent providing Remote support for the device user. The device user, also called the end-user, must be at their device.

In a few points, here is what Remote support can do:

  • Viewing or controlling the device users' devices instantly. The remote control is not available for iOS devices.
  • Inviting device users by email or SMS to join the Remote support session.
  • Sharing files with desktop users easily during the session.
  • Running tasks in Admin mode without needing device user credentials for the supported device.

You can request a free trial for the Remote support feature, which is available both for Free plan and Premium plan customers.


To use Remote support, make sure that the following prerequisites are met:

      • You have an admin or editor role in Miradore.
      • You have a Premium+ plan or Remote support feature trial.
      • The desktop and mobile devices of your users meet the requirements listed in the System requirements for device users and agents.
      • Install the GoTo Resolve support application on Android and iOS devices to establish the support sessions. It is recommended that administrators deploy the application on mobile devices before they start to use the Remote support feature.
        Note: Regardless of the device platform, the remote control always requires the installation of the Remote support application.
      • Make sure that on Android and iOS devices the restriction denying screen capture is not applied. If the device has the restriction deployed, the remote support does not function properly.

Getting started

Working with Remote support sessions

Reporting and recordings

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