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Managed Google Play applications in Miradore

Updated on October 4th, 2022

The managed Google Play provides features for managing Android Enterprise devices and applications. IT administrators can use Miradore to utilize the managed Google Play when managing and deploying applications and updates for the organization's Android devices. This article explains how to add managed Google Play applications to Miradore and guides where to continue after adding the applications.



Managed applications can be preconfigured and deployed silently to Android Enterprise devices. You can also allow users to install apps independently from the managed Google Play Store - which is a more controlled version of the consumer Play Store.

How to add applications to Miradore

Go to the Applications list (Management > Applications), press Add, and select Android application.

  1. Choose the application type and you will be guided to managed Google Play store.

Choose the type of the application.

2. Search for the application and select it.

Search for the application in Google Play.

3. When you select the application it is then added to Miradore.

Android managed Google Play app in Miradore.

Working with the managed Google Play application

When you have added the application, you can:

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