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Customer Stories

Ulvila increased device security while keeping costs down


Tighter security, while keeping costs down

The information accessed and stored on municipally-owned mobile devices is often extremely confidential in nature. The municipality’s IT department is responsible for managing and keeping track of around 100 smartphones. According to Ulvila’s IT Support Engineer Ari Suominen, the department’s requirements were still basic, so it was crucial to keep costs down. Still, he needed stronger device security, to ensure that information didn’t get in the wrong hands.

Enforcing passcodes and device policies

Miradore allowed Suominen and his team to get access to a small set of important and potentially money-saving MDM functions.

“We were very pleased to be able to roll out fully usable MDM with the free Miradore service. It’s also nice to know that the features needed for a bigger deployment are there whenever we need them.”

Most importantly, Miradore enforces a passcode policy for every device. This is invaluable, as employees’ devices have confidential email and calendar information in all the sectors of the municipality's operations.

Suominen cites tight regulations around the handling of personal information and the stringent rules this places on him and his team.

“If someone misplaces a device, it’s a major relief to be able to remotely wipe it.”

Making every device count

Suominen’s team can now make more of their smartphone fleet thanks to easily accessible usage statistics and reports, too. If a device has been assigned where it isn’t needed, IT can see that and ensure that it’s put in effective use elsewhere.

“When you’re operating with limited resources, it’s a huge help to know when a device hasn’t been online for a while. The great thing about Miradore is that I’m no longer left in the dark about our devices – all the information I need is easily accessible on the web.”


Ulvila in western Finland is one of the country’s six remaining medieval towns, with approximately 13,000 inhabitants. The municipality provides essential services and infrastructure from basic healthcare to daycare, schools, social services and elderly care.