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Customer Stories

Malt manages Android, Apple and Windows devices easily in one place

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Malt is a fast-growing French company that helps freelancers and companies to connect with each other. Like many other organizations looking for an MDM solution, the growing number of employees — and devices — compelled Malt to look for a more efficient way to manage smartphones and laptops.

An exponentially growing number of employees

With a team of over 200 people, Malt helps 30 000 client companies and 200 000 freelancers in the digital sector to connect with each other. At the moment, the company is growing at a rapid pace.

"When I arrived in 2020, we were 110 employees. Nine months later we are 220, and by the end of this year we expect to double our workforce," explains Louidgy Dona, IT Support Manager at Malt.

Louidgy is in charge of Malt's IT Support department that takes care of security, hardware, and software. The growth of Malt pushed him to look for new ways to streamline device management processes.

"Previously, all of our devices were managed manually, which was time-consuming and nearly impossible as the company keeps growing. I wanted to find an MDM solution that would allow me to save valuable time so I can focus on other crucial tasks."

Louidgy Dona, IT Support Manager, Malt

Louidgy Dona

Multi-platform support made Miradore the winning choice

Malt's employees use various types of devices on different operating systems for their daily tasks. Therefore, Miradore's multi-platform support made it the clear choice for the company.

With Miradore, Malt can now manage over 250 Android, Apple, and Windows devices both laptops and smartphones, easily and in one place.

Today, Malt uses Miradore for:

    • keeping track of their devices with a proper inventory
    • managing applications on devices
    • configuring devices faster with Business Policies
    • managing different devices on separate sites with the MSP portal

Faster device setups and improved security

For Louidgy, the biggest benefit has been the time saved on device enrollments and configurations. This has also had a direct effect on the onboarding of new employees.

"Our IT team can now set up laptops 30 minutes faster, which means that we can onboard more people more efficiently. At the same time, we can add an extra layer of security on our laptops."

With Miradore, Malt is also able to comply with strict GDPR regulations that require companies to ensure the proper handling of personal data.

“We can secure our company data and personal information better by setting work profiles on Android devices. We can also control which applications can be installed on devices."


Founded in 2013, Malt is the leader in connecting companies and freelancers in France. With a team of 200 people, Malt connects 200,000 freelancers in the digital sector to 30,000 client companies.