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2 min read

3 Ways MDM Can Help Cure Common IT Headaches

2 min read


In today's technology-driven world, businesses rely on efficient and secure IT infrastructure to grow and thrive. However, managing mobile devices can be a major pain point for some organizations. That's where Mobile Device Management (MDM) comes in. Here are three ways MDM can help cure common device management headaches for businesses:

1. Device lockouts

Its not uncommon that companies can no longer simply "get into" some devices because the passcode is unknown and the device was turned off. You can avoid reaching for that first asprin if you:

Change your Passcode Configuration settings so that a device will be reset after entering an incorrect passcode 10 times.

Remember to check your passcode configuration. With Android 12, Google changed the interface for specifying passcode complexity. Of course, Miradore has long since implemented this in the product. This allows you to use your existing devices instead of having to buy new ones because they are locked.

Avoid Activation Lock or Google Play Protection, which can permanently lock devices. MDM can prevent or bypass Activation Lock for iOS devices in supervised mode. For Android devices, you can disable Google Play Protection via the restrictions.

By implementing these MDM measures, businesses can continue to use existing devices instead of having to purchase new ones.

2. Device Storage

Ensuring that employees have sufficient memory on their devices is crucial for organizational productivity.

MDM allows organizations to view memory usage information and create reports accordingly. This way, you can ensure that the employee gets what they need when they replace the equipment. Miradore customers have reported savings of ~€5,000 when replacing 100 iOS devices, as only 50% of employees needed a larger storage tier.

Your employees can store photos directly in a cloud storage app (e.g. OneDrive). This means that your professional and private photos can be stored securely and separately, while still being accessible on desktop/notebook, and simultaneously reducing device storage on the end device.

Too little device memory often leads to support cases, too much device memory causes unnecessary costs, just another pill you don’t need to swallow by using MDM.

3. Device Enrollment

Connecting devices to your Mac, clicking through long setup wizards on the device, scanning QR codes, and installing clients can be a pain in the neck. But don't worry with MDM there’s a better way:

      • For Apple devices, we recommend using Apple Business Manager.
      • Samsung KNOX Mobile Enrollment for Samsung devices
      • Android for Enterprise Zero Touch is ideal for other Google-certified Android devices.

These technologies provide you with automatic enrollment, which eliminates the need for manual configuration. This means that you can get devices into the system faster, allowing your employees to start using them right away.

To wrap it up, implementing MDM solutions can help cure some of those pesky headaches you get when you think about managing mobile devices. By utilizing the Miradore platform, organizations can enhance their experience with MDM and achieve increased efficiency, cost savings, and a more secure IT infrastructure.