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Patch Management

Updating software and operating system patches automatically is vital for service quality. It also eliminates major security risks.

Miradore Management Suite monitors Microsoft operating systems and dozens of different software vendors for new security patch releases and compares the information against the security patches that have been installed to the computers within the managed environment. As a result, it is able to provide you an accurate status report of installed and missing security patches.

On top of this, Miradore Management Suite can even automatically download the security patch installers to file servers to wait until administrators choose where the security patches should be applied to. Alternatively, administrators can also create asset groups and define rules determining for which computers Miradore Management Suite is allowed to automatically apply certain type of security patches in the future, without a separate approval from the administrators.


  • Scanner for detecting installed and missing patches
  • Patch download automation
  • Automated patch deployment
  • Asset groups for targeting patch deployment


  • Visibility to patch status/compliance
  • Accelerated patch application process
  • Increased security awareness and IT security
  • Eliminates manual patch installation work
  • Easy to carry out security patch audit

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