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The End of Apple’s macOS Server

1 min read

Phillip Hamada

In April 2022, Apple decided to discontinue its macOS server. Apple had been phasing out its macOS server for several years and finally shut it down for good. The server offered services like the File Server, the Caching Server and Profile Manager.

macOS Server 5.12.2 is the latest version of the app, and alternatives to its services have already been established. Learn more about the current status of each macOS Server service and the available alternatives here.

Alternative MDM solutions

However, Apple has not provided an alternative for Profile Manager, instead, they recommend switching to other Mobile Device Management solutions. Here are some things to consider when migrating from Profile Manager to another MDM solution.

Some MDM solutions offer comprehensive support for specific Apple device types, such as Mac computers or iPhones, while others offer cross-platform support. Make sure to select an MDM provider that supports the Apple device types used in your organization.

Here are a few things you'll want to keep in mind when migrating to a new MDM solution:

      • document the current MDM environment and its dependencies
      • collect all necessary certificates, usernames, and passwords
      • set up the new MDM solution and configure it for Apple services
      • re-create the login profile and all configuration profiles
      • test the migration on different device types

Replace Profile Manager with Miradore

Miradore allows you to replace Apple Profile Manager. You can create configuration profiles or policies for entire groups directly in Miradore. If you want to continue using already created configurations, Miradore offers you the option to continue using “.mobileconfig” files exported from Apple Profile Manager. Here's how you can implement this:  

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