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Application management

Updated on September 26th, 2022

This article describes Miradore's application (or app) management features that are part of the Premium subscription.

If you're interested in installing software remotely, consider upgrading your site to Premium Plan. See more in How to upgrade subscription for more information.

What is application management in Miradore?

Miradore’s application management capabilities help administrators to oversee and manage the installation, configuration, and updating of internally developed or commercially available applications on Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows devices.

Important information

The available app management features vary slightly between the device platforms and device management methods.

The maximum file size for the application upload to Miradore is 2GB or the quota that is left, whichever is smaller. Every Miradore site has a quota limit of 5 GBs for file uploads. In case you need more space for storing your apps, contact our support team.


Android application management capabilities depend heavily on the device management method and the type of applications.

It is important to understand that certain app management capabilities, such as silent app deployment or remote configuration of app settings, are not universally supported by all device management methods and application types. Instead, you need to consider the compatibility of the device management method and the type of applications you are managing.

The Android device management article explains the different device enrollment and management methods, whereas the Application management and deployment for Android describes which of Miradore's app management capabilities are supported for each of the device management methods.


For Apple iPhones and iPads, the extent of application management somewhat depends on whether you are managing your devices in the iOS supervised mode.

However, regardless of the devices' supervised state, you can always use Miradore to deploy, configure, update, and uninstall in-house (.IPA) apps and App Store apps to the managed devices remotely.

The key difference is that managing iOS devices in the Supervised mode, also gives you the possibility to deny the use of unwanted apps on your devices as well as the possibility to silently deploy apps to the managed devices without needing to distract the device users.

Miradore integrates with Apple Business or School Manager (previously Apple Volume Purchase Program or VPP) which means that you can purchase apps in bulk in the ABM/ASM, deploy the purchased apps using Miradore, and manage the licenses in Miradore.

For further details, see the iOS device management and Application management and deployment for iOS articles.


Miradore supports the deployment of application packages (PKGs) and Apple Business/School Manager apps for Macs.

For the apps purchased through ABM or ASM, you can manage the licenses in Miradore.

Miradore supports the remote deployment of app updates for Macs, but unfortunately, the remote configuration or uninstallation of macOS apps is not currently possible.

For more details, see the MacOS device management and Application management and deployment for Macs articles.


Miradore's Windows application management features are compatible with devices running Windows 10 or a 64-bit version of Windows 7 or 8.

You can currently use Miradore for deploying software and scripts to managed devices. The management of software versions and software updates.

Microsoft Store for business apps is not supported by Miradore.

For further information see Windows device management and How to deploy apps and scripts to Windows devices.

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