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iOS > Device Enrollment (Adding Devices)

iOS device management

Updated on October 6th, 2022

With Miradore you can secure and control your company's iOS devices. Miradore supports all iOS versions from version 5 onwards except the prerelease or beta versions which are not supported. This article considers some basic management features as well as different device enrollment methods supported by Miradore.

In order to start managing your Apple devices in Miradore, you need to take the Apple Push Notification service into use. This service is used for secure communication between Miradore and managed Apple devices. Read more about the Apple Push Notification service from our knowledge base.

Supervised/unsupervised management

There are two management modes for iOS devices: supervised and unsupervised. The devices in supervised mode, have some additional management options compared to unsupervised devices. The purpose of the device and who owns it will help you determine the device management method. When using corporate-owned devices, the best option is to supervise them. Supervision gives administrators better control over the device and they can easier monitor that the device is compliant with company policies and regulations. There are several different ways to set the device into supervised mode.

Enrollment methods

Admin may use various different methods to enroll iOS devices to Miradore.

  1. Apple's Automated Device Enrollment feature is the recommended enrollment method for organizations having an Apple Business/School Manager account. This method is available for iPads and iPhones running iOS 7 or later, and it allows you to manage devices in the Supervised mode. Devices that are not yet associated with Apple Business or School Manager can be added to your ABM/ASM account using Apple configurator 2 to add iOS devices.
  2. If you want to manage personally owned Apple devices with Miradore, you should enroll the devices in Miradore by installing an MDM profile to the devices manually. See also the Enrollment Instructions for iOS Device Users article. If you have the device at hand, it is easiest to use the Enroll device wizard in Miradore to install the MDM profile on the device.

Supported management features for iOS devices

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Apple Business Manager (Apple's user guide)

Apple School Manager (Apple's user guide)

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